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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Macedon, New York on 2018-07-01 22:15:00 - Orb like object moving in the sky

My boyfriend and i went outside before bed around 10:15pm and were admiring the sky. it was a clear night and the stars were bright. he mentioned something about being able to see venus. i looked and there was a red star-like dot visible above the tree line to the southeast i would say about 45-50 degrees above the horizon. it was difficult to relate it to distance or altitude because of how dark it was, but it appeared to be similar in altitude to the plans flying overhead. it moved shortly after i looked at it - side to side, up and down, diagonally and even seemed to spin. when i saw it moving i got goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach. intuitively i felt like something was off. the movement was always steady and controlled but quick. the object seemed to glow - sometimes white with an aura around it and sometimes reddish. a separate red and green light would flash randomly at times. at first we thought it was a helicopter, but it hovered in the same relative position and was too high for that to make sense. it was very close to the airplanes that were landing and taking off. each time an airplane would come close to it, it would stop moving for a little while. at one point, a flash of light burst out from the sides of the object horizontally for a split second. the object never changed relative position in the sky for the entire time we watched it. after about 30 minutes of observation, this object was still there. i’m not sure how long it was there after we went back inside. the next morning i looked to see if there was a radio tower or anything that may have caused me to see such an object in that general direction, or even cause a reflection. there was not. i also checked to see if any satellites had flown overhead the night before but i was unable to collect any helpful information. i went outside at the same time the next night (10:15pm) to see if it was still there and found what i believed to be the same object in a different spot that was slightly more east. it appeared to be at the same altitude/distance. it was a little more difficult to judge because it was slightly more overcast. i observed it for a few minutes and then decided to try and take some pictures. the first pictures i took were with a flash and when i reviewed them the image was a brown blurry screen. after the flash went off the object seemed to flash back and then move towards me slightly. it stopped moving for a few moments after that. it just about stopped my heart. my adrenaline was pumping. i turned the flash off and did several burst shots to try and pick out a shape or movement. it was difficult to get a clear shot with how much i had to zoom in (pics were taken with iphone 7) i observed the object again for about 30 minutes and it was still there when i went inside.

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Credit: MUFON

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