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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2018-07-22 01:51:00 - Saw orange pulsating star shaped object geometrical shape above light poles center bright and pulsating outside geometric web like halo also glowing center was round and brightest hovering aboveboard main road almost 2am in my drive home too big for drone

1. i was driving home from a concert 2. i was cutting through a hotel lot towards the house and it was directly in my line of vision above the street lights but outshining them, looked like a tungsten orange but it was way higher than the poles i noticed it was pulsating and way brighter but not moving along a path like a plane or too bright overall no noticeable lights like a plane just a big glowing center and then i started to make out a geometric star shape 3. i thought it was the light from the street lamp until i saw the height way above the line of street lights and the color was more vibrant and pulsating 4. geometric shape glowing and pulsating like the color of hot coils of a heater or inside a toaster it hovered and didn’t fade above the street lamps too low for a plane too big for a drone but almost mimics the street lamp light colors but once i noticed and could refocus my eyes it was more vibrant and intense like hot glowing coals 5. i was on the phone with a girlfriend on my drive and i gasped and stopped my car i told her i was seeing a ufo and i need it to snap a photo so i stopped my car in the road through the hotel property parallel to the much busier street where it was hovering above the street lamps, i had to find a spot between the trees so i can get a clear shot as you see i’m behind the hedge row of trees, and when i stopped it didn’t fade or move it stayed in the same place just hovering i was able to snap the picture but i felt it affected my phone i couldn’t focus it did have a fiery center and shaped like a star, geometric form, it had a web like halo like a network of pieces that glowed also but connected like a spider web around a round glowing center. i felt astounded utter disbelief i was seeing, this is a busy town. i was really excited to see it and to try to get a photo to get details. 6. i drove past the area it was in and it was to my left and then behind me and as i drove away i lost sight of the object it did not really fade that much or disappear though. i lost sight of it because i was driving away from where it was hovering. once i was again in the direction southeast of the object it was no longer in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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