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Saturday, July 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Geleen, Limburg on 2009-08-21 19:45:00 - Stunning and verry frightening adn nobody is going to believe this! there are tears in reality trough we can go ways to see heaven and hell here but for real wihout dieing we are gods everybody had bien lied to we are immortals we are traped slaves,meat

I was walking like always with my girlfriend wendy into the forrest of geleen a place in the netherlands province of limburg location daniker forrest we had bien walkin qwite some time trought the field near the forrest first the via a short cut she told me the way tru the cow field with five cows and we gone up a path trought the forrest we talked and hanged out there for about an hour maby we where there saw a heap of bushes with trees just like in the movie mortal kombadt the part where scorpion gets killed lik forrest just like match stick trees and we saw a bunch of wood in a pentagram and a knife in a tree i pulled that knife and suddenly al hell opend up on us something came after us it had no chape and made grombeling sounds then it was gone we laught we lost it and we saw a light a ray of yellow light casting down and we smelled wetgrass we saw angels but when we made photos later i forgot these i brought my girfriend home and that night i had a grey like man on my bed looking to a box where a photo of my phone stud on id didnt mind him and he was gone visible only short say for 2 minutes all he did whas sit and made a sight noise and whas gone later in bed ive dreamt of him he sucked my... and gave me a bleu glase 3 cm big diamond and when i woke up i had a scarr on my belt right side and a feew days pased by i had my kungfu lessons done and went home suddenly a invisible force hid me of my scooter and it got parked inside abush totaly unharmed bu i had my miniscus leftlegg dammaged after the hospital and healing after o.P. i had only half the strengt ever untill nowa day i still feel afull and tirred all the time its like i am carring sommething whit me but in side my skin something crawls but i had found a way to kill it via cold water or ice later ive looked at those photos and to my understanding i hit me ive tried to make alert ever cince but ive got a real bunch of demon like forest elf like things on ther if only ive could make you look where to see my perspective i would not be rediculed but i dont minde anny more its so oblious we are all godds but junior and we must obay them the right ones you will see but not within life only if lucky like me and my girlfriend,greeds pascal

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Credit: MUFON

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