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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Birmingham, England on 2018-07-10 00:00:00 - Light as one then turned into 2 & then 3. going different directions but close to eachother

First off i thought it a star, then the light of it seemed to change , i thought no way, i'm not seeing this,& just as i thought 'what if it split(as i've seen in youtube it happened just as i thought it. i thought i was seeeing things . my niece was downstairs, so after 10 min or so i ran down & got her to look, at first she thought i was seeing things then it started changing direction, & turning into more than one light it was like the one light would stay stationary then the other would move away then go closer. it done this side to side up & down then just quickly move all alone. it stayed as we watched but clouds started go past & we could no longer see. then after about 5 min , clouds had a gap & they was still there. but when i fist started watching this there wasn't a cloud in site. then the whole sky was cloudy& we could no longer see. i after about an hour the clouds had part gone, & so had the lights . i really thought i was seeing things especillyas i just thought about it splitting just then it did just that!!!! . i've tried lookin online to see if anyone seen it but haven't. please, someone else must of seen what i & my niece seen, so please let me know if others reported the same thing as me. my brother & dad don't believe. i know what i-- what we bith seen . i would be greatcul if you would let me know. it was far away & high upcarrots. but nothing moves like that & li carrots the lights change from dashing to just brightly lit to dining the also the 3 lights went to the shape of a triangle but then they wen alll in a close line & started flashing in a pattern.

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Credit: MUFON

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