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Saturday, July 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bishkek, Chuy Province on 2017-07-08 23:10:00 - I sighted 3 types of ufos, one chevron, second angels like with wings and slow, third looked like green lights.

In fact i saw 3 types of ufos in different time frames. i was on the field near my house with my friends walking at 11pm. then we started to look at starry sky then we saw that 4 stars are moving, one on center and 3 like triangle around the first star. then i realized that it was exactly looked like famous chevron ufo which i knew as a military ufo of us. it was slowly moving in the sky, then the lights on the edges started to glow off slowly with moving away, me and my friends looked at it for 6–7 minutes. i was amazed that it was not so visible and looked really like moving stars through the sky, and the lights looked like stars, it had no visible edges because it was so high, and interesting thing it was exactly above us, like it was observing us. the second sighting was in july 8 2017 at 11-12pm. here i was also with my friends walking in the same field. then i realized that in the sky there were 8 flying objects, they were so high, and looked like that they were angels, had wing like glowing lights, were very slow and random with different speed. i asked my friends if they were seeing what i'm seeing, they also saw them, and we looked at them for about 15 minutes until they disappear. it was like that objects were flying somewhere. third sighting was at 3am. i woke up, then looked in the window, it was cloudy but i saw about 300 green glowing objects. first i thought that they were a chinese lanterns, but then i told my wife, she also saw it, then i walked outside to see it. but unfortunately i didn't take a shoot none of them because me and other witnesses were slightly in shock. i walked out and told strangers if they were seeing them, they looked up, and were a little feared, then walked away. they were flying high and flying horizontally to the east. i wouldn't think that i'll witness anything like these, but i saw them, and just learned that i can share with you. if you have any further questions please email me.

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Credit: MUFON

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