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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2012-07-17 22:10:00 - I have a video of the event, posted on my facebook 5 years ago. friend also has a video of them.

I have a video of this event and my friend saw my video and she also cuaght them on video about 6 months later only a couple of miles away from where i caught them on video. check out this video from about 5 years ago that i recorded on my iphone, i wish i still had that phone or the original file, i just copied this video from my facebook videos. my daughter and i were walking the dogs at the park across from our house and we saw 8 lights in the sky just off in the distance behind some houses, they looked like they were about a kilometer away... they were really bright and were and moving at slightly different speeds.. then the front three lights to the left started to move away from the other 5 and then just disappeared...? these lights in the sky freaked my daughter out so much that she ran home when 3 of them just disappeared. foo fighters...? when i posted this video a friend of mine had also caught this exact same looking lights/orbs about 6 months later only a couple miles away from where i saw these. i will ask her video and post it. i would say by best guess that these lights were about 20 - 30 feet in size. filmed in ottawa, ontario i think it was july, 2012. seems like every year for the last few years i see a couple things up in the sky when i'm walking the dogs at night...This time i had my iphone so i caught it. you will have to watch this on a larger screen/laptop or computer monitor to see the lights properly, your phone screen is probably too small to see the lights properly. in the dark on a big monitor is perfect. probably just some american black project anti gravity craft out for some test runs...Or aliens trying to steal some of our good canadian beers. ;(

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Credit: MUFON

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