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Monday, July 16, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Azusa, California on 2003-01-01 12:01:00 - Updated: black triangle ufo hovering freeway near azusa, ca

This happened around 2003 to a group of friends of mine… they were driving in azusa, ca close to santa fe dam, when they spotted a ufo far away that they thought it was a kite at first. then the object started getting closer and they realized it was no kite, until it hovered over them. it was a dark triangle like object that hovered over the freeway above them. it was so huge that it covered both ends of the freeway. the freeway came to a stop on both directions as people got out of their cars. there were even a couple of confused police officers in that crowd. you could hear people crying and panicking, including the kids. they describe the object as black metallic with some wavy-stair-like features on the bottom. as this thing is passing by above them, it’s kind of making an angled turn, at which point they see the object is very, very thin. they also mentioned the ufo had lights. eventually hovers over the mountains and disappears behind them. there were a lot of witnesses to this. i'd like to know if any of them would come forward and tell their testimony as well. my friends got to record some footage with her flip phone, but eventually lost the phone along with the footage. :(

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Credit: MUFON

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