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Monday, July 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Winchester, Kentucky on 2018-07-30 04:20:00 - Three bars of intense white light drifting above tree tops and neighbors’ rooves, parallel and contained by a malleable substance.

This morning at about 4:15 to 4:300ish am eastern time, i was dragging the trash to the end of my driveway. for maybe three minutes or so, i watched what appeared to be a luminescent jellyfish floating near my neighbor’s treetops. the best way to describe it visually is to say that it looked malleable, yet it had a “form” and within the barely perceptible outline three very bright, thin streaks of bright, white light glowed in a vertical pattern. the light streaks were perfectly parallel and equidistant, never wavering in their proximity to one another. the object kind of bobbed much like riding an air current from west to east. after traversing the back yards of three houses, it began a quick, jerking ascent. it appeared to elongate vertically as it accelerated northeastward and disappeared. initially i wondered if someone could be flying a personal drone. but when it climbed so rapidly and out of sight i didn’t think that drones could do that. and as it appeared to stretch i concluded that it was not a manmade object. until it began its ascent it was at about 20-30 feet agl the distance between me and the object was approximately 150 feet. i went inside and gathered my thoughts. then i wrote down what i saw, it never occurred to me to photograph it. i was somewhat mesmerized by it. not because of any kind of force, but only because it was so out of the ordinary. i was fascinated. when i finished writing it down, i posted it on facebook. one credible professional suggested that i look for mufon. the above questionnaire has a string og required statements about a landing. there was no landing. also an alternate email address is required. i do not have another one. my recall is vivid. i am not artistic but i attempted to make a sketch. it helps me remember. perhaps an artist can create a better sketch from my description.

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Credit: MUFON

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