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Thursday, July 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Roanoke, Virginia on 1998-04-15 18:00:00 - Hovered directly over head and rotated a couple of times. then ascended up into the cloud cover

I was in the woods, at my home, in the spring, before leaves came out on the oak forest around me. i was looking through the large limbs trying to track some young homing pigeons that i had released for the first time.Through the tree limbs i saw this object floating some distance above the trees. at first,since it was floating,i thought maybe it was a box kite because of it's box like shape,but then i realized it was solid, and was almost at the level of the clouds and motionless. eventually,as it rotated away from the sun, i saw that it was indeed metal, as the sun reflected off of it's side. it appeared to be brownish/golden. i began to get a sense of how long and narrow it was at that height it had to be huge for me to see it so clearly. then i really got excited and called to my girlfriend to come and see it too. she tried to find it but couldn't seem to site in on it, through the tree limbs, and so she took off to the house to get her glasses. it continued to move only in left to right half turns and back again. before she returned from the house it had started to slowly ascend to a higher altitude and entered the clouds. it was completely flat on all sides and a long rectangle looking object. it had a smooth surface and didn't resemble anything i had ever seem in the air. coincidentally, the flock of about,40,fourty pigeons, that were circling the property seemed oblivious to it which speaks to either how high it was or that their eyes could not see it. normally, pigeons get panicky over anything hovering in the sky(looking for a meal). this was my second ufo experience and i can write later about the first. i also had abduction experiences and wrote, to the late john mack, psychiatrist, working and teaching at harvard, asking for his advice. he had recently started interviewing abductees, in his practice, and was fast becoming a true believer that these events were accurate. his book "abducted" (sic) i believe, had just been published.

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Credit: MUFON

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