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Monday, July 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sunnyside, Washington on 2018-07-22 00:00:00 - Saw something very unusual, no way to identify

Was on my front steps having a cigarette around 1 am when i noticed what looked like a planet about as bright as jupiter that night. it was slightly south west almost straight up from my viewing point. i'm 64 and have been a sky watcher my entire life. when i saw what i thought was a bright star, i realized it's not usually there. when i first saw it, it was glowing bright and stationary. when it moved a little, i thought that was odd. then it started moving slowly, but not nearly as fast as a satellite. at that point, the light started to dim. i then noticed two other very dim lights moving in the same area, kinda getting closer to the primary one. (these remained a constant dim appearance, like a distant star) they never got close to each other, but they all moved a little bit in random kind of ways. after a few seconds, the first one, which was now pretty dim, kinda like a satellite leaving sunlight hitting the earths shadow, moved in s se direction growing fainter then disappearing. the other two also moved off in kind of west, and northwest directions and could no longer be seen. i stood there for a couple minutes totally surprised at what i had just seen. i've watched satellites overhead since i was a young kid, these in no way displayed the straight line motion of a satellite going overhead at 17,500 mph. the were definitely not airplanes as airplanes can't stop moving in the air. there were also no flashing or blinking colored lights. watching them, i was under the impression they were at a very high altitude, possibly in space or upper atmosphere. i think the only way this could be corroborated if military or airport radar had noticed them onscreen at that time. other than that, i have no way to prove or come to any kind of conclusion as to what they were. but i can conclude they weren't rockets, airplanes or satellites. i'm also aware of satellites that can't be seen going overhead until they rotate where an antenna or solar panel or any other flat surface, reflects the sun. some pulse every few seconds, others you might have to guess their path, unseen, until they rotate again, which might be 20 seconds to a minute or two, to be seen again. these objects didn't behave by this description either. i'm no artist, but the attached drawing, although not exactly the movements they made, but were random as shown.

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Credit: MUFON

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