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Sunday, July 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 1973-08-01 00:00:00 - Taking seamen back to ship. saw this saucer craft pulsating window lights and silutes of brings moving le in craft.

During summer of 1973 this unexpected incident happened. church i visited took korean seamen to church while the seamen had time as their ship was loaded with scrap metal. we were returning seamen back to ship after church. driving back to docks, the driver called on me to see right to the 15 person van filled with koreans and us two. i was in the back, sitting towards the middle.. i had too much fun and did not want to look. but up the street was driving vw bug with that old, flat windshield and with face glowed to the windshield looking up and left was young man with round glasses and expression on his face that got me interested to look to the right. i held with my left hand to the seat and duck down and right to see what is do interesting up there. i saw huge flying disk. i immediately started to feel “sick” got bad feet long as it was something evil. the disc had windows as a commercial airplane would , close to each other, and within it i saw light dimming and getting bright as a huge lightbulb would be turning on and off. and it seemed that persons were moving in one direction. the light was strong as a 200w bulb from very close is turned on and off. this all was gone very fast. the transport van became very quiet all the way to the ship. i became very interested to learn about ufo’s. i found books as old as i could find and i read everything i could get my hands on. then in (i think) 1987 there was grenada sponsored united nayiond conference on ufo’s. i was very interested and since i lived in queens ny, i attended it. it was very easy to get in, since there were no threads as we have today. there was also the military helicopter pilot who was pulled up with the helicopter he flew, while he was “pulling it down”. it was very interesting place to hear stories of experiences that people had.

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Credit: MUFON

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