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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chessy, Île-de-France on 2018-07-06 10:20:00 - Stationary orb popped into view when looking at moon in clear daylight, popped out of view after less than a minute, witnessed by two.

While walking to our hotel in disneyland paris, direction south on the western side of 'lac beuna vista', i looked at the moon regularly as skies were clear blue and it was still visible and looking quite beautiful. looking up for maybe the third time while walking there was a now dark sphere sitting in the sky next to where the moon was (at the bottom to the right of it). i wanted to ask my friend to look at it when i noticed she was also watching it and confirmed seeing the object. my first reflex was 'balloon from the theme park' but i was kind of spooked being sure i had not observed it looking at the exact same area int the clear sky moments before. it was also too big to be a kids-balloon at the height i estimated it to be and quite a distance from the actual theme-park. it did not appear to drift with the wind and sat stationary in the sky. it appeared dark and solid, but had a metallic shine/quality to it and i got the impression it reflected light (no glare from the sun though). it had what looked like a near perfect sphere form. i was now thinking weather balloon, still spooked by it's sudden appearance, and finding it hard to judge the size and distance of the object and realizing it was fairly close to charles de gaulle and orly airport for a weather balloon. after what i estimate to be 10-15 seconds i looked at one of the aircraft in the area to try and get some kind of reference as to its size and distance. glancing back at where the sphere sat (fraction of a second) it had vanished. we were not blinded by sunlight at any moment. from the quick read i got i am fairly certain it sat above air traffic-level coming into and out of nearby airports. my friend did have eyes on it as it vanished and stated there was a soft flash/glimmer/light pulse as it vanished. we did not notice any other people looking up or noticing the object, the closest people being 40-50 feet away. we were both a bit spooked and silent as our brains trying to classify what we saw. i feel i am trying to dismiss it every time i think on it. the object popping in and out of perception is the hardest thing to process. it was too big and not fading out or shrinking in the distance. not there --> there --> not there.

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Credit: MUFON

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