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Monday, July 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Corinth, Vermont on 2018-07-30 01:06:00 - Hovering starlike object descends quickly, dissapears behind treeline of nearby hills

I have witnessed the following phenomenon twice now. the first time, my partner noticed the bright light above the hill about two miles from our house. we were both relaxing at home and she had gone outside to close the chicken coop for the night when she noticed the light. the area the light was above is private property, and is all forest for miles and miles with a few walking trails. this was about a month ago around 10:20 p.M. we both thought bright star at first, as the light was solitary and star-shaped. however, we noticed the light was more than twinkling, too bright to be a star, and it was pulsing slightly. the light then over the course of a few minutes began very slowly descending. we watched as the light fell behind the treeline, and illuminated the top of the hill(she says she saw that it was emitting light in a cone shape under the unidentified light), until we could no longer see it. it was so bright you could see the silhouette of the trees with the light behind them. there was not a sound whatsoever. we asked our few neighbors and the few people allowed on this property if they knew anything about what it could be, no one had any ideas. the whole thing made us feel uneasy as there is no good explanation for why anything would be happening up there at that time of the night. i witnessed the same light in the same spot again last night at exactly 1:06 a.M. through the bathroom window as i went to brush my teeth and go to sleep. my partner was in bed already but i watched as the light hovered in place, and then descended to the treeline. i noticed this time, however, that the light had followed a perfect vertical line down but was now flitting around, seemingly erratically, until the light disappeared from view below the treeline. the light was gone by 1:14 a.M.

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Credit: MUFON

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