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Sunday, July 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kissimmee, Florida on 2018-07-27 00:00:00 - Ufo descended above tree top behind 8th floor room displayed randomly rectangular lights flickering redblue white hovering then slowly moving towards north lifted banked to left hovering landed out of view behind building

While vacationing at time share location 2975 arabian nights boulevard kissimmee fl. 34747 on 8th floor of one of 3 buildings. building #21 on july 27th 2018 at aprox 4:00 am. i opened curtains to blow smoke out of window of bedroom into enclosed screened in porch. as i opened window a craft approx 50 feet away and 130 feet above ground level slowly descended from right to left,or south to north, at approx 100 feet above ground or 20 feet above tree tops (as i was located on 8th floor and above small forest area directly behind building# 21 with tree tops approx 80 feet tall but below my 8th floor level. the craft was completely silent and displayed a variety of...Very fast, random in patterns of illumination of external surface areas that covered all exterior surfaces of the... semi rectangular object or craft . with extremely bright (red,blue and white) lights... flickering with intensity and brilliance at timed bursting and dimming randomized fashion. as the craft leveled off it hovered while slightly dipping to its left or towards my direction, which revealed the source of flickering lights to be emanating from small rectangular boxes that made up all exterior surface area of entire craft. these emergency "type" lights within rectangular reflective surface area boxes were apparent all over the craft. as the craft slowly moved from left to right the lights persisted but less intense and slower in random illumination. the lights were also on the rear portion or back area of the craft as it moved away from my position at about 3 mph. i ran to get my phone to record the craftand climbed out the bedroom window to get a close up video of this event as i stayed the light show continued as it traveled from south to northeast running parallel to interstate 192 towards interstate 4 bit the phone kept focusing on the screens that enclosed the entire porch to which i climbed from the bedroom window to the porch. the moon was full and the phone camera did briefly focus on that but as i tried to focus on the craft which had now clearly passef the 3rd building farthest away from my position the craft lifted and banked to the left or west hovering for only a second or 2 and began a deliberate decline in altitude towards the ground and disappeared behind the first building out of sight. i immediately grabbed all i needed to leave the building such as my resort supplied enterance key card and left my room to get on the elevator to get to bottom floor and leaving my building to view the craft landing. as i exited my building i noticed two fire trucks in front of the last building of the 3 buildings that made up our resort area. my heart sank thinking perhaps rhis craft had something to do with the fire trucks as they also had red flickering emergency lights although less brilliant in intensity and clearly contained with in the light fixtures on top of the roofs of the vehicles. i walked across the parking lot and tried several times to ask people if they saw the craft behind the building but nobody saw it. as i flagged down a taxi that came towards my direction but had been on interstate 192 heading south turning left towards me on arabian nights boulevard..Je also said he did not see it. i returned to the front of the buildings as the fire trucks left with emergency lights turned off and walked to the security guards that gathered where the fire trucks were located. i asked several security guards if they saw what i did they said no. i then realized that it would have been impossible for them as the building was at least 13 stories high and would have obstructed their view. i described what i saw and asked where the nearest hospital was located and if there were any silent crafts displaying all the lights i saw that responded to emergencies accompanying the fire trucks that had just left. they said no and laughed. i then started to question myself as to what i just experienced and realized that the completely silent craft i watched just outside my 8th floor window was not an emergency vehicle associated with the event in front of the buildings but mimicking the lights in a explosive display of lights of same colors as it slowly decended in front of my window in back of the buildings 80 feet from the ground but 20 feet or so...Above my floor above the tree tops as it dipped and hovered slightly and continued traveling towards interstate 4 but remained at a constant altitude before lifting slightly banking to the left and descended on an angle and out of my view to land. i eas absolutely shocked as to what i witnessed and i am positive the surveillance tapes at the resort and surrounding buildings will substantiate my detailed statement here. my video is not clear and only shows light reflecting off the tiny pixels of the surrounding screens to enclosed the entire porch area. i am willing to take a lie detector test, will testify under oath with threat of prosecution for punishment to any investigative body. this object was not absolutely not affiliated with the emergency vehicles out front of the buildings at vacation village parkway and was definitely under intelligent control and completely silent with no clear remnants of a known propulsion system. all surfaces illuminated similar emergency lights but were far more brighter, brilliant and randomly displayed by what appeared to be rectangular panels that encompassed the entire craft. please do not blow this off because of the coincidence of fire trucks out front of the buildings as i stated i firmly believe the craft or occupants inside the xraft were in fact mimicking the lights our in front of the building which i had no knowledge were even present until i exited the building to view the landing of said craft. please feel free to contact me any time at 810 533 6187. dennis foster 211 pleasant st. marine city mi 48039 pleae call asap as the surveillance tapes are potentially the most important aspect to prove thus active ufo sight and time is of the essence. rhank you. dennis foster

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Credit: MUFON

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