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Monday, July 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dennis, Massachusetts on 2018-06-30 23:10:00 - Silent "chinese lantern" fly over

Outside looking at the stars on a clear starry night. saw what looked like a glowing red-orange orb silently fly over the yard i was standing in. it nearly flew right over me. it must've been about 1,000 feet up and looked about the size of a small plane. it was very bright, large, perfectly circular, and the center was much brighter than the outside of the orb and appeared to flicker as if the center were on fire. it reminded me very much of a chinese lantern, but it was too high and too big. it was also moving fairly quickly and had flown across the entirety of the sky and disappeared into the distance in less than a minute. i initially was shocked at the site of it and thought about running inside, but realized it was an incredible opportunity to take a video. unfortunately, i was too busy seeing this thing with my own eyes to care too much about what i was filming. as a result, my film is pretty shaky and doesn't show much. you can hear me tripping over patio chairs. after playing with the filters, contrast, brightness, etc, i realized in several spots of the video that it appears that i get doused with radiation as the video signal goes really choppy. i was also able to extract a few stills from the video which show pretty much exactly what i saw, although they are a bit fuzzy being zoomed in so far. hoping someone at mufon can dissect this video with better video processing than i have because this was truly something inexplicable. when i first saw this thing, i pretty much knew immediately this was nothing i had ever seen before. i knew this was not of this planet. i can't remember if it hummed or buzzed. i thought there was a slight hum to it, but the video didn't pick anything up, so maybe it was completely silent. i think my brain wanted to think it was buzzing because how do you watch something fly over you and not hear a sound. it doesn't process in your brain. i couldn't tell if it was spinning or anything. it appeared as though it was just a ball of fire floating across the sky. my first thought was that i better get inside because this thing looked like it could see me and i didn't want it to see me. it wasn't that high in the sky and i was out in the clear in the middle of the backyard. i was surprisingly not as scared as i thought i would be though and that's when i figured i would take a video because no one would ever believe this.

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Credit: MUFON

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