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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Añasco, Añasco on 2015-03-23 03:00:00 - Was at my grandparent so when he now noise a woke me up.

I was at my grandparents house visiting like i always would do on weekends. i moved to pr to study in college and since i don’t have direct relatives here i always visit my grandparents. they live in the mountains in añasco, pr. there is barley any phone signal where they live. they live really out there. since they live out there it takes me 2 hours just to get there form the city. one weekend in march, 2015 i was staying the weekend over at their house like usual. i was staying up watching tv when all of a sudden i heard a really powerful engine. it was like something i’ve never heard before. it was so powerful i thought it was maybe a really tricked out race car with a huge motor in it. so i quickly looked out the window to see what was making that noise but i couldn’t see anything. just pure darkness. i looked out all the windows and still didn’t see anything. for a second i thought i was maybe tripping or going crazy. but the noise wouldn’t go away. so i ran to the kitchen thinking it was the fridge but wasn’t it. so when i go back to the room i usually stay in, i hear my grandparents dog howling right by my window. something he never does. he’s a super sweet dog, and for him to be up at 3 am howling... i knew something was up. so i got scared, thinking someone might be trying to do something bad to us outside. i decided to go outside to see what was happening for myself. i had spent 30 minutes looking for what wasn’t making that noise i had to see already. so as i step out side my grandparents dog comes up to me, sits down, looks up and starts howling. when he did that i swear i got goosebumps all over my body. so as i look up i see a craft floating above me. it has three lights in triangular form spinning under the craft. the craft itself was camouflaged with the coulds and the backround. they didn’t move, and i didn’t move. i say they because i swear on everything i am and have i could telepathically communicate with them. i only had the chance to ask them a few questions. both of them. who were they, etc. all they told me was that they were observing me. idk if they were from the future. or what. while staying in that ecstasy of not believing what was happening i finally snapped and decided to take my phone out. as soon as i take my phone out i took a 80 round burst photos on my old iphone. as soon as my flashed turned on the craft made its way to the river by my grandparents house and follwed it all the way up the mountain before disapearring. that night i questioned everything. i sent the photos to my brother. i questioned my faith. and for the longest time i couldn’t look at the evidence i had because tears would come down my eyes don’t ask me why. but yes. this is a true testimony.

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Credit: MUFON

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