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Monday, July 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Newick, England on 2018-06-27 00:00:00 - Light just appeared, very bright, plane passed it, light pulsated when zooming in with camera. suddenly disappeared

I was going to bed, i looked out of my window and saw a very bright white light. it seemed un-natural, i got my video camera from downstairs then went back up to my window, it was still there. a plane went passed as i was viewing this so i was sure it wasn't a plane. i started my camera, i focussed in on the object and it was pulsating a yellow, red, orange then white light, then suddenly moved very quickly, but, it returned to that space again just as quick. this lasted for approx 45 minutes then the light suddeny disappeared, light pushing the switch. this is the second time in three weeks i have seen this. i do live in a flight path but, it wasn't a plane nor did it act like one. no noise, just silence. it seemed to 'react' when i zoomed in but remained stationary when i zoomed out again. then nothing!!! the first time it happened i didn't have a phone, video camera or an ordinary camera at hand, so i'm glad i did this time. i took some really dodgy shots of 'five' lights, all in a straight line, all red and the last one orange, at bexhill in january 2017, this light reminded me of that. the bexhill lights disappeared when they moved underneath the moon, as soon as they hit what would have been the centre they were gone. this last experience though, it was quite light to start of with then got darker so the light became more prominant. no! it wasn't the moon! anitialy it looked light the front light of a plane but so much closer and it didnt move as i would ex[ect a plane to do. i reviewed my footage and when i looked at the close up version the 'object' looked elongated and it pulsated, throwing out what looked like flames. no! it wasn't the sun either!. it may be nothing at all and able to be explained but, it's certainly a weird one indeed.

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Credit: MUFON

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