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Saturday, July 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Farmington Hills, Michigan on 1978-01-31 00:00:00 - Resident 1977-1980: 1 time awoken by perhaps a light hum and extreme, massive white light that bathed the entire bedroom -when i reached the window it instantly disappeared-no ground evidence the next morning

Me too detroit 13 mile road area resident 1977-1980 and at that time: full time new esl teacher, working on a doctorate--not thinking about ufo's and mysterious things! ~~~~~~~~~~ about 2am 1 time i was awoken by perhaps a soft hum and an extreme, massive, white light that bathed the entire bedroom and what seemed a large area outside. the light easily penetrated lined, heavy upholstery fabric drapes. by the time i reached the window it had instantly disappeared-no ground evidence the next morning. ~~~~~~~~~ i've never forgotten and never had another experience like that and still think about it. 40 years later with the internet and retirement i have had the chance to research detroit sightings and was shocked to find out about mufon, harry willnus who resides/resided near my old home, and all the sightings in michigan! then i read this 1994 sighting article: exactly! bathed in light was the perfect description! i wish i could have seen the source like this woman did. and i decided it was time to add myself to the me too list. something real has truly had a history of happening in this area.

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Credit: MUFON

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