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Sunday, July 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bothell, Washington on 1990-07-04 22:00:00 - Bright objects, similar to phoenix lights, up way above (tall)treeline. formed line, triangle,other type of triangle, added and subtracted and change direction and shape with outliers

I was watching fireworks with my friend outside my home in a suburban neighborhood immediately surrounded by a marsh and alder forest. in the middle house on a slope in a cul de sac, we have trees at the bottom of the street, and on each side but they are much taller so we always have a great view of the sky and have never seen anything like this before other than the phoenix lights video as a child. i notice maybe 100-300 feet above the treeline making me lean my chin up to see three bright orange yellow objects. at first i thought it was a firework but it stayed stationary. i then assumed it would be orion belt, as the one in the middle seemed brighter and the two beside it seemed slightly smaller. the proportions looked right but they were bigger. within 1 second of my confusion they start moving and i immediately ask my friend if she had seen it. she affirms what i see, and i run inside to get my boyfriend and a camera and to confirm what we are looking at. much higher then the trees at the end of the street, and they are probably 4 stories high. much above the fireworks which the biggest are peeking out maybe 10 feet above those trees. he immediately mentions the phoenix lights, which is very similar to what each individual object looked like. orange, bright, exactly like that. the only difference is randomly one, two, or all would pulsate yellow or red in random times. he comes out and its still there, and my friend says its been moving around in formations. then we all observed what could only be described as a really really weird sighting. it turns into an isosceles triangle and after a 45 seconds or so, new objects join in to make it more complete or make it no longer a recognizable shape. we all just kept asking each other if were seeing it, but all three of us did. then they started kind of 'dancing' with each other very slowly but still forming to make patterns, and sometimes breaking off into two 'sections' that make two triangles and then just add and subtract objects from the existing ones, having one like double and the new one moves away from the 'origin' then do its own thing, only for it to move into another one. they looked like exaggerated stars that changed colors and moved around in a pattern but also like a piano or a keyboard, random but then having the rest adapt. the most we ever saw at once during this exchange was 6-7. usually there would be 4-6. they started at the northwest and they only disappeared after slowly crawling across the sky towards the west, taking 5 min but their movements were very fast, so it would almost be like they would 'take one step forward, two steps back'. this entire sighting lasted a solid 5 minutes, it may have been a few minutes longer but we all thought it would end soon and it went on much longer than i would expect. i was almost frightened but knew it was important to see. we lost sight of them when they disapeared behind the forest, but they looked like they were going east and they kind of just slowly got further away and one by one 'left'. it looked like a plane or bird just flying very far and you can see it kind of disappear in front of you out of your vision.

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Credit: MUFON

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