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Thursday, July 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Waverly, Kansas on 1985-07-30 02:00:00 - During 125 yard walk from barn to house i became fascinated with a red shifted star. 3 plus hours of cat and mouse. 1 craft landed 50 ft in diameter with windows. other enormous and impressively fast

On a warm summer night in rural ks 1985 or 1986.I was returning from a long day of work. i had started the day at about 8 am and was finishing sometime between 1:30 and 2;30 am. the property was 80 acres without any visable neighbors. the house was a 2 story 5 bedroom located on the sw corner near two county gravel roads. there was a 2,000 sq ft metal shop building facing the road to the south on a circular driveway. a 250 watt mercury vapor lamp on the west side of the shop building illuminated the southern end of a landing strip/ grass road. the strip ran north from the circular driveway on the w side of the road was a tin metal pole barn approx 25 yards from the house. it was 1/2 filled with double stacked round hay bails. the previous owner used the structure as an airplane hanger. approx 100 yards north was a grass road which headed east 20 yards to a 13,500 square foot metal barn. an 1/8 mile to the west and a quarter mile to the east the landscape elevated about 3 stories so the property was between 2 small hills. i exited the man door facing south my great dane was waiting. i turned west on the grass road and began walking home. looking up i became fasinated with a red shifted star. i wondered if that ment it was moving away from us, it was hard to imagine that you could see a doppler effect that easily. after 20 yards i turned south onto the runway. inexplicably i turned my head 90* and continued to watch the star. after about 50 ft i stopped turned and just stood there watching this star. i was tired from the long day, but had never experienced a loss of time before. after something between 10 min and an hour and a half what brought me to my senses was the impression that my star had moved with respect to the background stars. there were three white stars approximating a right triangle. the top star was 1 3/4 " directly above the bottom left star. an inch to the right and a quarter inch above the bottom star was the third white star. i was almost sure my star had started a quarter inch above and left of the top star and now it was below and left of the bottom left star. i resolved to memorize that position and again i lost track of time. the next time i was aware the star was above and to the right. i lost track of time again, my dog had wondered off by now, and when i next became aware that i was standing watching stars my red star was in its original position; above and to the left of the top star. i remember thinking bull shit. a voice in my head responded with," what's bull shit". i assumed i was having a conversation with myself. i thought you sir are not a star. " why do you say that"? because i have been watching you. stars don't move in circles with respect to back ground stars. "are you sure" well yes. you are red shifted which means you are moving away from the earth at incredible speed, which would further reinforce the conclusion that you are very distant. so the seemingly small movements would encompass incredible distances, requiring light speed plus, and besides you would move in one direction not circles. " what are the other possibilities" well if your not a red shifted star. you could be red because of an artificial light source. " what if i'm a satellite"? well if you were a satellite you would likely move with respect to the background stars because you would be much closer to earth. but you should move in a straight line. " do all satellites move in a straight line"? no as i understand it some satellites, like cia spy satellites have limited fuel supplies. so they can be redirected to photograph missle silos over kamchatka, for example. but.. no one in their right mind would waste fuel driving a satellite in circles. "so what explanation does that leave"? well you would have to be a near orbit craft under sentient control. the fact that your moving in circles would imply that it's unlikely to be a human craft. at that point the red star dropped vertically from space to below the level of the hill to the west. ok that was weird. this thing went from space to ground level in 3 or 4 seconds. i imagined it was headed east towards me, fast. so i ran back to the barn. uppermost in my mind was us military vs alien space craft. after shutting down the 125k cat gen on my rather ambitious hydroponic farm. i exited the southern door and walked about 30 feet towards the runway that went to the house. in the neighbors field. across the county road and maybe 40 yards south of the house. a landed space ship lit up. it was probably 150 plus yards away. there were guessing 5 foot wide by 7 ft high rectangular windows which were bordered by colored lights. there were three different colors. my memory fails me. but red, green, yellow, and blue. one in incorrect.Seems like red wasn't there. at first i thought the craft was rotating. after a couple of minutes i concluded that i was looking at a christmas tree light effect. i think the craft was stationary but the lights were cascading to create the impression of rotation, but it could have been rotating. i'm guessing the diameter was 50 ft plus. the light suddenly changed to a bright white light. i instinctively turned away. i was struck by the shadows the light cast. the light source was 150 plus yards away and it was much like daylight. i remember thinking i could comfortably read a book with my back to it. i also remember how unusual the angle of the shadows were. 6 inch tall blades of grass were throwing distinctly long shadows. so i beat feet back to the barn. i sat behind the locked man door thinking alien or military. the ship in my neighbors field had to have landed vertically, without any noise. a sikorsky twin blade could have carried the gen set necessary to produce that much light, but the physical hardware required to hold a baseball fields worth of 1000w halide fixtures. plus the colored lights this wasn't us military. plus the red star ship would have to have been a sophisticated hologram in the 80's. why would the military even bother to create such an impression. definitely alien. i remember thinking i need to check on my wife. " run to the house" so i peeked outside and saw nothing. " run for the house". i'm not going anywhere until l i know where you are. i'm now standing on the concrete just outside the door. "run". not till i know where you are. i can simply wait in the barn till the sun comes up. i'm guessing you'll be gone before the sun comes up. "over here". i look to the left and in the eastern sky at about 3,000 to 10,000 ft is my star. " now run". i'm going to need a bit more of a head start than that. the ship slowly backed off till it eventually was about plane height. "run". you've lost your mind. i've seen how fast you are and frankly the whole slowly backing up thing is rather insulting. i'm gonna need a lot bigger head start. so the ship backs up until it's a star out of the atmosphere again. meanwhile i'm taking a 15 yard lead off. i'm not sure if it was me or the voice in my head but one of us yelled "go", and i took off. i rounded first turned south onto the runway and headed for home. a third of the way there i took my eyes off the road and briefly looked. it was comming and fast. 2/3 of the way home i looked again and it was on me. i wasn't going to make it. so i aborted and hung a right into the airplane hanger. i had a tiny amount of illumination from the mercury vapor light on the side of the shop building and i squeezed between the last two rows of hay bails in the back. after about half a minute the sky brightened to twilight. the blue light was very calming. a photo benzodiazepine. a valium lamp. it gave one a compulsion to comply. i'm certain the effect was drastically difused by being in a building. " every thing will be ok. there is no need to worry just come out". i have no problem going with you but i'm worried about my wife. " exact same responce". you don't understand. my wife is asleep in the house. i need some assurance that i will be back in a reasonable time frame. i can't disappear for 3 days. " same dogmatic responce". no i am involved in an illegal business and if i just disappear she will likely conclude that ive met with foul play. " same recorded phone message". look neither of us knows how to contact each other's family. if im gone for 3 days and she drives away. we may never see each other again. " everything will be ok. there is no reason to worry. just come out". look i'm willing to go with you. i just need to tell my wife where i'm going. " same message". ok i tried to be reasonable. i'm more than willing to go with you. i have expressed a legitimate concern which can easily be delt with and all i get is the same dogmatic unresponsive responce, therefore... after reaching into my back pocket and retrieving my pistol. i layed it on my open palm. i projected the image and the thought. since i can't get a civil response. this is a smith and wesson 9mm low tech projectile weapon. since you are clearly corporal beings and since i can't get a civil responce. i'm going to blow the brains out of the first dirty stinking alien who sticks it's head in this barn. pause... " please hold". a few seconds later the blue dawn receeded and it was night again after a min i walked or ran (cant remember)to the house. i found my wife sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. honey i almost got abducted. i know she says. i kind of wanted to go. why didn't you? i was worried about you thinking the worst and i remember your story about losing 3 days. i could lose you. well i know what's up go if you want. i do want to do you want to go with me? no my experience wasn't that good. but you can go. so i put my gun on the kitchen table and went back outside. they were gone. years later. we were sitting at my wife's parents kitchen table. i told her dad and brother the story. her brother thought i was too high or nuts.Her dad asked if i had smoked too much pot. i assured him i was rummy tired but not high. i asked him what he thought. he finished his cigarette and lit another. we sat in silence for 3 to 5 min i realized he didn't believe me ,but had enough respect to be reluctant to voice his opinion i knew that he had survived the depression using his wits. first abandoned by his mother at 9 years of age to fend for himself. the implication of me concocting such a story to deceive him had very dark implications. finally he turned to his daughter, who he knew was incapable of lying to him. he simply asked her what she thought. to my surprise she said i know it's true. i was looking out the kitchen window and saw the space ship chase him into the hanger. shocked doesn't begin to describe his reaction. i looked at her and said, why didn't you ever say anything. my father in law said according to your husband you were asleep in the house. well remember the part of the story where my husband described the blinding white light? yes. well that's what woke me up. i said, but the ship was on the ground 30 to 50 yards directly to the south in the neighbors field. you were upstairs in a bedroom on the north side of the house with one north facing window. how could that wake you up? it was so bright in our bedroom that i could make out the room and the things in it through my closed eye lids. so you saw the ship over the hangar? yes. how big was it. i never really saw it when it was directly over me. big. how big? . i don't know big.You mean like a football field big? bigger. a mile two three what are we talking about here? i don't know. it was really low. i was looking out the kitchen window. it was big enough that i couldn't see any stars beyond the edge of the ship. it could have been 300 yards it could gave been a mile in diameter. i don't know. it was big.

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Credit: MUFON

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