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Monday, July 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on 1999-07-10 00:00:00 - I was driving cars outhbound and my attention was drawn to an oval mirrored object under and moving with cloud, hovered and then accelerated east at tremendous speed with no sound

I was working a second job delivering pizza for donatos and was returning from a delivery on a county road that crossed between two major roads. this road had very little traffic and was flanked by farm fields that were not being cultivated so there was no obstruction of view. it was a sunny summer afternoon and i had the windows down on my dodge omni and was listening to music. something caught my attention from what i though was my peripheral vision but when i looked there was nothing there. it was a strange feeling because i felt that there was something there. i looked several times to my left across the field, didn't want to miss avoiding a deer that were seen regularly in that location, but mostly at night. as i continued driving it happened again and then a third time. now i felt as if something was trying to pull my attention to it. it's very hard for me to describe that feeling, almost like a telepathic feeling if there is such a thing, but i have never felt that sense before or since this incident. but on the third time i became upset, almost frustrated and i stopped the car, opened my door and got out and took a long look around and saw nothing. feeling secure that there was nothing i turned and began to sit in my car and as i turned my head upward to prevent banging my head on my door (something i did on occasion with that car) i saw it. it was almost directly above me but not quite. at first i had a hard time defining what i was looking at. it seemed to be bending light around it as it moved in a straight line under a cloud, the same speed as the cloud and almost using the cloud as cover. there was no sound at all. i became very nervous, almost an ominous feeling and i noticed my heart was racing and beating so hard i could feel it in my chest and i began to breath faster. i never took my gaze off of the object. it appeared to be oblong and colorless, or at least it reflect color around it like a mirror. the colors were the blue of the sky, the white of the cloud, the grey of the clouds shadow. and just when i thought it was to difficult to make out it stopped. not like a car stoping for a stop sign, but like a car hitting a wall, just a hard stop. the cloud continued on and it just sat there. now that feeling that i had before, that attention pulling telepathic feeling, i noticed that it was still there and it brought some calmness to me. i watched it sit stationary, i can't say for how long because i have no memory of length of time which still bothers me until today. but suddenly it took off to the east just like it did when it stopped. it was instant acceleration, like boom, but with no sound. i was anticipating sound but there was nothing. as it headed east it accelerated exponentially to unfathomable speeds. i expected to hear a sonic boom but again there was nothing. i stood there for a minute just absolutely awestruck and eventually got into my car and headed back in a complete daze. i didn't say anything to anyone back at the store, i didn't have the words in me. my store manager had another delivery for me and i headed back out. the rest of my night i spent mostly on the road because we were busy so i didn't have to talk to anyone and that was probably for the better. when i got home i told my wife who didn't believe me and it really upset me. the story gets even more odd if you can believe it. a few years later, like spring of 2003, i was working as an electricians apprentice with two close friends from high school and one of the guys dad. during the day just before lunch we heard the loud sound of the ducted fans of a blimp behind the house over a field in the distance struggling in the heavy wind. it was going up and down, left and right, just a pure struggle for the pilot to maintain control. we watched for a bit until the pilot gained enough altitude to recover and it left the area and it was quit again. we took a lunch break and talked about the blimp since it was our entertainment that afternoon. after exhausting the subject my friend asked his dad to tell us about the time he saw a ufo. i perked up but didn't want to say anything after listening to my friends goad the old man, so i just listened. he told a story so familiar that i could have told it. he described it to a tee. the whole thing without missing any detail, even that feeling of telepathy, of something competing for your attention. i asked him when and where he was, and it was the exact same time and place. i couldn't believe it! so many emotions came back to me, how surreal that moment was. it just so happens that he was at a friends house for a barbecue and was standing in the back yard. i don't know what the odds are of seeing a ufo are, i'm guessing pretty slim, but what are the odds of two people seeing the same thing and then a few years later running into each other and being able to finish each others sentence in describing the incident. i have no pictures, except for the one in my head, but if i could plug my brain into a printer and make a copy it would be as i saw it 15 years ago. since then they have built houses and two schools where there used to be fields, but i know the exact spot where i was. i've driven by that spot to many times to count and looked off into the distance to where it went. i'm remarried now, i've told my wife that story probably better than a dozen times, she says she believes me but i'm not convinced she does, and to be honest i don't care if anyone does, i know what i saw that day, and it wasn't us, it was them.

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Credit: MUFON

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