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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Maryville, Illinois on 2018-07-24 00:00:00 - Observed two hovering objects in opposite directions from home (usaf retired)

My wife and i sit on our deck almost every night and watch the sun set and star gaze with binoculars. we have more than a 180 degree view of the sky from about 8 degrees above the horizon up. i'm retired air force and am aware of a multitude of objects which could be airborne. we both saw a very bright light due west of our position which did not look like the normal jets we see coming and going from lambert airport st. louis, mo. it's very hard to tell actual distance, as it was around 9:00 pm, and dark., and lambert is about 23 miles as the crow flies. guessing from naked eye then binoculars, 1st object we saw was 10 degrees above the tree line, which from us tree line is about a half mile away. naked eye - very bright light, red in color. binoculars, dark disc shape on both sides of light, tapered with dome in middle (classic flying saucer shape). 2nd object, was south, south east, about 3 degree's above tree line, those trees are about 150 feet from us. after observing the first object, and ruling out conventional aircraft due to (not moving), no sound, non-conventional looks - we looked around the rest of the sky and found the second, seemingly mirroring the behavior of the first - apparently around the same altitude from our position, but 140 degrees away from the other. i would guess both objects to be more than a mile away due to only being able to see the structure with binoculars, not naked eyes, even though it was dark (we can make out jets structures without binoculars). the light from both objects was very bright. not as bright as aircraft lights, but brighter than both venus & saturn which were visible at the same time. the westerly object hovered in the exact same spot for about 30 minutes from the time we first spotted it, then descended the 10 degrees above the tree line over the course of about 8 seconds, then disappeared from our view. the south easterly object was stationary the whole time, and was there when we went to bed. about 1.5 hours altogether. the objects appeared identical through the binoculars. in my lifetime 59 years, i've seen only one other strange areal object, doing fantastic maneuvers over upstate ny 1974. these were strange. i'd rule out drones due to their distance apart, and duration...

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Credit: MUFON

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