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Monday, July 2, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Bridgeport, Connecticut on 1968-05-01 00:00:00 - Human entity - no craft invovled. seemingly trans-dimensional

Hello i am writing to mfon because i believe your organization can help point me in the right direction. please do not dismiss me or my story until you’ve read this entire letter. this is not a story of abduction or extraterrestrials, but it is strange and inexplicable. let me state here and now that these events were real, not dreamt nor imagined. i don’t believe in the supernatural nor do i believe in ghosts or spirits. this is a strange “living” multi-universe we exist in and there is no shortage of strange or unusual phenomena. just because we can’t understand or can’t explain something it should not be categorized as supernatural nor dismissed out of hand. others i have related my story to have said it has the hallmarks of a haunting. this i can’t deny, but he was not a ghost. yes i said “he” because the last time he made contact with me i saw him, face to face. what i am hoping to accomplish here is advise on how i can investigate this on my own. there must be methods through which i can gather evidence, and an answer to what he was. but moreover i need to know what he wanted of me. these events began around 1968. i was just a kid and never thought to document the exact dates, so forgive me for that lack of information. my parents had moved to a house on north ave, in bridgeport, ct when i was 5. the house was built around the turn of the century. my earliest memories are of chronic nightmares. there was a physical pattern that i would experience as i feel asleep that, if i didn’t disrupt it, would bring me into a nocturnal hellscape. my waking life was no less hellish. my parents were violent, emotionally challenged individuals. the visitations began when i was about 8. i slept in the back bedroom of our second floor apartment. on four occasions while asleep in my room, i awoke to the sensation of someone sitting on the corner of my bed. as scared as i was, i would lay still, pretending to still be asleep. i would remain still until whatever it was got up and left. i never dared to open my eyes and look to see what it was. but even after the weight lifted from my bed, i never heard any footfalls, no creaking floorboards, nothing to indicate someone had exited my room. i would lay awake straining to hear anything at all until i again succumbed to sleep. during two of those events, whoever it was, tried to pull down the covers. while lying still, i took hold of the covers and held tight until the tension stopped and again felt the weight lift from my bed. the next event took place while i slept in my brothers’ room. both my brothers were asleep, one in the bunk above me, the other in his crib. when i felt the corner of my bed sink from the weight applied, i at first thought it was my brother climbing down, but he wasn’t moving. in the very next room, my mother was being visited by our neighbor on the first floor. i could hear them talking the entire time. then, just like the other times, the weight lifted, but no sounds of someone leaving the room. the last visitation took place when i was 10. this is something i will never forget. earlier in the day, my friends and i had attached playing cards to our bicycles so as we rode the cards would make a ticking sound. this is important to the last event that took place as follows. i was watching tv in my brothers’. they were asleep and my parents were in the next room on the convertible sofa having a conversation. my show ended at 10. i shut off the tv and went to my room. as i mentioned before, i suffered nightmares and had mentioned it to my father. his suggestion was to think of something pleasant before i fell asleep and i wouldn’t have nightmares. so i thought i would give it a try. i lay there running a baseball game through my head. i wasn’t really a baseball fan but it wasn’t an unpleasant thing to think about. but then i heard a ticking sound that seemed to be coming up the back stairwell. i listened to this sound until it stopped at the door of my room. well, i instinctively looked up and that’s when i saw him. there he stood in my doorway with a bicycle that looked something like mine. i screamed, pulled the covers over my head, heard the ticking sound go past my bed to the wall, my father came running in only seconds after the ticking stopped. i pulled the covers off my head and in a panic asked my father if he had seen him. of course, he hadn’t and thought it was just a nightmare i experienced. i didn’t talk about any of this for three years. not until my grandmother moved into the third floor apartment and told me of her experiences. the end of her bed raising up and then dropping, an occasion when one of my aunts was staying over and one end of the couch rose up and dropped. my grandmother didn’t react. my aunt turned to her and asked if that was her. to which my grandmother replied: “ah, i’m not crazy”. i have never forgotten what he looked like. i can tell every detail of how he looked and what he wore. but even as a kid there were certain things that just didn’t make sense. first of all, he moved freely throughout the apartment while other people were awake, alert, and moving about. he was seemingly invisible if he could lift a couch while two people sat there watching tv. he could move through locked doors and walls. but two things have truly bothered me. while he stood in the doorway of my room there was a very dim source of light coming from the direction of the wall at the foot of my bed. the wall he seemed to disappear through as my father ran to my room. i could see every detail of his face, his clothing. light reflected off of his aviator glasses and the chrome handle bars of the bike. the other was the ticking noise. he moved without a sound, no footfalls, no creaking floorboards, but the bike wheels ticked away until he and the bike disappeared through the wall. the house is still there. i desperately want to go there and inquire if such things still occur. however, i want to find a way of detecting what sort of phenomena is responsible for these visitations. ghost-hunters are not the answer. they’ve got it all wrong. considering the advances in our knowledge of quantum mechanics and some ideas posited by string theory, there must be way of gathering data with respects to these events. i hope you’ll take this inquiry seriously. this is not a joke, or a prank. for my own peace of mind, i need to know what he wanted from me.

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Credit: MUFON

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