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Monday, July 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sioux Lookout, Ontario on 2018-07-14 00:00:00 - Recorded during snapchat story.

My brother in law, wife and myself were outside towards the end of our night. relaxing having our night time coffees and last cigarettes of the night. every once and awhile we would look at the stars during our conversations. trying to find satellites and counting planes as they flew by as we do pretty much every night. one satellite in particular was very bright and much brighter than the others that flew by. i know that when a satellite hits a certain angle it gives off nice lighting. so i thought for fun i would see if my cell phone camera could capture it. using my snapchat app, i was surprised when i could see it in my camera because usually you can't see night time objects in the sky. due to low camera quality in cell phones most times you can't never capture satellites or stars. as i started to film you can clearly see the satellite taking flight as it slowly passed by. at about 29 seconds into the video a second light enters the frame from the top right. you can see it flickering as it approaches and plays around the flying satellite. you can see it fly from one spot to another in a matter of seconds. as i was filming i started to think maybe it was a night bug that happened to reflect some type of light. then i started to think maybe it was the camera capturing light from the surrounding light poles and maybe hitting the perfect spot around the passing object. in the video you can clearly hear my wife and brother in law talking about the satellite that was so bright and low. i realized that i couldn't see the second object with my bare eyes but only in my camera. as i was recording this event, my phone's battery went from 20% down to 15, 6 then 2% in a matter of seconds. i tried showing my family what i just captured but as we were replaying the video my phone died out. when the second light appeared i was confused and baffled. you can clearly hear me in the video whisper to myself "what the f***" as i tried hard to unfold and debunk this event. the next night i went outside around the same time i captured this and tried my best to retake my camera angles. in hopes to maybe capture a light reflection or anything that could have caused that crazy flying second light. i could not capture anything at all during my attempts. i don't know what it was that entered my cameras frame but i just need help determining what this was. camera glitch or reflection from lights i thought it would be a cool thing to share. if anyone can help figure this out that would be awesome.

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Credit: MUFON

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