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Sunday, July 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wappingers Falls, New York on 1988-08-15 19:30:00 - Tree top 20 mile per hour flyover huge chevron wing shape craft affecting my mind as it flew over

I was exiting home depot walking towards my car in parking lot. looked up and saw enormous- bigger than parking lot (more than 100 yards across) flying craft. it flew at tree top level leisurely (less than 20 miles per hour) over parking lot from east to west. craft made no sound whatsoever. this was before sundown- sun was not far above the horizon. i remember seeing the bright atmospheric glow the sky gets at sundown shone through some sort of superstructure of the craft...Reminded me of the pattern you see in an old cantilevered bridge structure. i remember seeing another person standing by their car looking at me with a very puzzled expression. (wish i had asked them if they also had seen flying craft) the flyover took no longer than 20 seconds. the weirdest thing about my sighting was the intense mental thoughts i experienced as it flew over. "you are safe... stay calm... you are safe...Stay calm" over and over in my head! i got in my car and drove home pondering how strange it was the craft got into my thoughts and how big it had appeared. i did not share my experience with family members out of fear of ridicule. i am finally sharing my account now because i recently read another persons sighting describing similar craft interlocking superstructure. i recall being annoyed weeks later how whoever was controlling the craft had been able to get inside my head and force those thoughts on me. oh yes when i first noticed object i knew it did not fit any of my lifetime experiences of aerial craft.

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Credit: MUFON

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