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Monday, July 23, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Honolulu, Hawaii on 2018-01-01 22:01:00 - Disguised as a full moon changing to a cresant moon in the distance

First my fother ran down stairs told my sister her friends were here half asleep then went back to bed.Then i went outside to urinate and noticed a bright moon above my house. i looked away because i thought it was the moon,then i noticed the moon moving and it turned into a cresant moon then floated off to the horizon. after this a few months had passed but with odd activity strange voises coming from the jungle.Saying strange things that no one could know and they were getting progressively violent accompanied by noctious smells that would make it hard to sleep i thought it was people.Then one evening i was outside throwing dinner scraps away and i herd someone say don't worry i've got my shootgun. i got angry i grabbed my gun and head light and ran stalkd it untill i got close enough. then i ran at it and turned on my head lamp it ran a little then i went over a stone wall and had stopped about 20 feet away and was pacing back and forth i shined my light on it and it was about four feet tall on all fours had no hair long legs pointy ears kind of like an extra tall pitbull with no hair and a pail whitish grey color. since then the activity has increased and they are remaning hostil.But they try to fool us into thinking that it is a neighbor or some violent member of the community.I also believe that they have a long hose like appedag that they use to suck fluids out of people that they stick through cracks in the wall. because i woke up to something like a worm that went from the bottom of my head t my rear. i think it was them because they tried to say that it was their retractor. and they keep saying they just want protien. another thing is they can read your mind because they know things that no one could ever know.I don't get scared but but they are intimidating the wemen and they are trying to loour us out side.It would be nice to get some help because they are thretaning. every night. sencerely sovon brenneman

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Credit: MUFON

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