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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Muncie, Indiana on 1988-06-11 00:00:00 - Abduction in bedroom, floated out window, blackouts, remember inside of ship,

This is just the physical part. most vivid interaction. i was asleep on the bed and woke up with my nose almost touching the ceiling and rotated right thru the window. i could see the over hang of the roof, i was startled and jerked and then blacked out. i woke on a table sitting up in a fetal position. chin resting on my knees. the room was very dim, but could make out an arm or robotic arm like instrument coming towards me and could smell hair burning. at the same time i could feel someone behind me and they were taping on my spine with a metal instrument or at least it felt like metal directly hitting the bone as if they were counting my vertebra. the cold feeling on my back and the way the metal felt, it was as if my skin was opened up, it did not hurt but felt uncomfortable. i noticed every time i tried to move my head i would feel a jolt and my eyes and head would look forward, most of the time i would blackout. when i woke up again i was being walked or escorted down a hallway, almost like i was floating. i was naked and could feel a type of foam with (hard to describe) something on it almost going thru my toes, it was like if i tried to run it would slow me down. there was 2 short people on each side of me and what looked like a tall person 20-30 ft in front of me beside a door. i could not make out any features, but stood almost at attention, like a soldier. my head and eyes would not move they would only look start ahead. when i tried to move my eyes, i would get a little jolt and be looking ahead again. i could only see out my peripheral vision. to the right of me were 2 open doors and what looked like a big auditorium and the back of hundreds of heads all facing the stage. i could hardly make out what was on the stage, but it looked like naked people moving around with lights shining on them. everyone in the seats were all watching, no movement in the audience and the heads all looked the same. i kept trying to turn my head to see better and got another jolt and blacked out. the next thing i remember is being in a small round dark room with me sitting in front of what looked like a military man with a gas mask on just starring at me. so cold of a stare, big round dark eyes just staring, like i was the only thing in the room. very eerie. you could feel the room shaking and vibrating and my stomach was sinking like i was on a roller coaster, falling. not real bad, but we were falling. no windows, everything grey and black. i woke up in bed and felt kinda sick, like a hangover. all these images were flashing in my head and i just thought it was a very vivid dream of some sort. i went to use the bathroom and noticed half of my pubic hair was shaved and the thoughts started swarming back in my head. little pieces, probably more then what i remember now. i should have wrote it all down. i remember my head was being filled with images of the future, past and some of these things have come true since then. i could tell you more about future devices and what i saw. i knew why the grays eyes were black, i seen that the earth use to be smaller with a different atmosphere and things to come. i knew things before they happened. i felt like i am around a bunch of monkeys and i know i should not feel that way. i cannot relate to anyone anymore. they have put me on all kinds of drugs and seen dr.. the last bit of evidence was a few days later after the event. it dawned on me that i went right threw the window of my bedroom, so i ran outside to see if there was any more evidence and i looked around on the ground and nothing. then i looked up where the overhang of the roof was and their was a dent in the aluminum right were i remember getting scared and jerking. this was where the first time i black out as i was being floated thru the window. i still did not want to believe it, but what could i say to myself to convince me wrong? i have been trying to live with this all these years and have become more and more alienated from my family and friends. i don't talk to anyone because they all think i am a egotistical and to smart for them. i really just want to help them but they get so offended because i know the answers. i cannot stop watching documentaries, educational films and thrive for information all the time. i cannot help it, my brain is like a sponge and cannot stop. i am on meds now to help me relax and sleep. i am becoming more and more isolated and alone. no one to turn to, dr.'s don't understand so i stopped talking about it. this is my last stop, i am going to get off at the next train. i feel like something big is missing or coming. i cannot figure it out no matter how much i read or take in, there is something missing. that's all i have right now, there is more, but if this goes no where whats the point. i really just don't think mankind is ready and i cannot keep trying to hold on. i don't have any credibility, no evidence, i am not a rocket scientist, so who is going to believe me or worse then that, who's going to care? you guy's probably get these stories all day long. believe me, i have heard it all before. i thank you for your time and bless you on your journey.

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Credit: MUFON

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