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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Glasgow, Scotland on 2018-07-07 00:00:00 - Erratic multidirectional sweeps, generally a single light source, but up to 3 on occasions, lights seemed to be above cloud cover, all had point source but glowed through the cloud

I don't know what i experienced. my son and i did a ce5 (steven greer) meditation for the first time now i'm a scientist, not an airy fairy fruitcake. after we finished, for over an hour we watched lights flashing and travelling randomly and erratically over the apartment in glasgow uk. the sky had cloud cover, it wasn't a clear night, but it looked like the clouds were being illuminated from above and diffused lights were passing above our window, just a short distance away in the sky, sometimes only one, sometimes three, sometimes travelling smoothly, sometimes, blinking on and off and then this was repeated maybe three times, and stopped. there was no noise, they were silent. at one point a plane passed under the clous base where the lights were showing as it approached glasgow airport. theres lost of air traffic that can be seen from the window (14th floor apartment) but all fly below the cloud base in a set direction on approach to the run way. i'm still wondering if they were lazers coming from the ground but there was nothing consistent about them, no light pathway through the air, nothing. and the only thing that really throws this theory off is that i mentally projected a request for them to travel directly north to south from where we were as they tended to travel randomly and the next moment they did exactly as i asked. the only time in the hour that they went up and down in a straight line. also just prior to this while we were only thinking about doing this and i was simply mentally projecting an invitation, his mobile phone turned on for no reason followed a few minutes later by my laptop. don't know what i saw, just staying open minded. most activity was from a single point source but then they might be joined by a second following behind on the same path and a couple of times there were three, one occasion really distinctly, three at the same time. they would appear at different locations across the sky and then travel for a a couple of seconds and then vanish again, flashing up a few minutes somewhere else. we watched this for over an hour. thought they might have come from a building but they didn't appear long enough to trace the direction back and it kept changing.

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Credit: MUFON

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