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Saturday, July 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Erie, Pennsylvania on 2018-07-02 23:30:00 - Blinking and hovering light appeared over bayfront tower and then floated over presque isle.

I work at a bayside outdoor bar as a doorman. i was collecting cover charges from patrons as they entered the bar and appreciating the bayfront skyline, most notably the port erie bicentennial tower which dominates the skyline view of dobbins landing which is the name of the distric that the bar and tower are situated in. i first noticed the object because i believed that it was a lifestar medivac helicopter taking off from saint vincent hospital which is near the place of the sighting. it began blinking different colors alternating between red, green and then blue and white at random intervals. it stopped and hovered in mid air and then began making bizarre right angle turns and wild occilations in altitude before begining lazy swoops over the bay and then heading over to presque isle across the bay before coming back towards the bar. (out of respect for my employers i will let them remain anonymous) it moved from northeast to southwest, circled the tower a few times and then began to sweep back and forth over dobbins landing. my immediate reaction was to observe it and conjecture what it could possibly be. it was too small and too quiet to be a helicopter, but the range was too far for a civilian drone and the night was too dark to be taking drone photography. mentally i began projecting my will to the craft to remain in the area and let me observe and to give me some sign of its origin. this was to no avail as it departed several minutes earlier. in an effort to confirm that i was not experiencing a waking hallucination, i attempted to point out the craft to a leaving patron; who was infortunately too intoxicated to take notice of the craft. the craft then traveled up above state street proceeding to the south and then ascended above the cloud cover and dissapeared into the cloud cover or was obscured by the light polution of the city. my immediate reaction was to tell my friends and immediately try and write down everything i saw in complete detail, i communicated this via a smartphone to three of my friends. i am educated, terminally honest man and i was completely sober and i do not have a history of hallucination, nor does anyone in my family line.

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Credit: MUFON

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