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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania on 2018-07-16 14:30:00 - White ball

I was sitting outside on my afternoon break from work, in downtown harrisburg, pa, reading in a small park next to the pennsylvania state capitol building. it was between 2:30 and 2:45 pm. the sky was mostly clear, with some high clouds. a crew in a lift was doing work on a statue in the middle of the park. i was watching the men extend the lift to the top of the statue, which is why i happened to be looking skyward. high in the sky i observed a small white ball. i couldn't discern if it was glowing or reflecting. it was definitely not an airplane or helicopter, at least not from my observations. i watched as it hovered in place, moving slightly from side to side. it soon began to move in a somewhat circular motion. at this point i assumed it was a balloon, as it appeared to move as balloons released at altitude sometimes move. however, the object soon moved from nw to w in a straight line, and at a very high speed. it moved only a short distance before stopping suddenly and completely. it stayed in this spot for a few seconds before shooting back toward the nw. at this point the object disappeared behind the arm of the lift directly in front of me. in a matter of seconds it reappeared, moving slowly and straight for a short distance back toward the west. at his point the object seemed to contract, rapidly shrinking in size until it just blinked out. it appeared as if it possibly accelerated rapidly away from my location, but i can't be sure. i scanned the surrounding sky for several minutes afterward, looking for the object, but it did not reappear. the most disturbing part was a feeling i got after it had disappeared. i was seized by the distinct impression that the object knew i was observing it, and in fact had appeared in the sky specifically because i was looking. this impression puzzles me, as it seemed to pop into my head out of nowhere. (i also can't help but find the thought a trifle narcissistic, and not in keeping with my everyday thought process.) as i headed back to my building i continued to scan the sky, unable to believe what i had witnessed. i hoped to see the object again. things got a bit stranger at this point, as i saw two black objects high in the sky, flying together, one behind the other. i was able to observe that the objects were airplanes. i found their flying in formation a bit strange, as this isn't something i've ever observed in this area. (it's common to see when i've been somewhere near an air base.) the planes were observed to the north, east of where i'd observed the object. the planes were flying in a southerly direction.) unfortunately the entire event unfolded in less than a minute, and i was unable to photograph or film the event. i was so caught up in what i was seeing, i didn't think to pull out my phone until it was too late.

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Credit: MUFON

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