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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Piedmont, Missouri on 2017-06-29 01:00:00 - Watched yellow orange object for 5 or more hours at daybreak object turned bright blue and accended in small steps maybe 20 feet at a time watched this process approximately 15 times each time it would hover form black cloud make wizz noise suck up smoke

I was in piedmont mo week before the forth of july in 2017 visiting family. my wife and me were staying in a rv on my parents property , about 1 or 2 in morning we walked out of my parents house and headed to or rv , i noticed about 200 yards to the east of my parents house was a yellow orange light about 20 to 30 feet high just above tree line i told my wife i was going to walk down and check it out ( my parents are surrounded by 1000s of acres of core land ).I walked down gravel road towards the light. it would only let me get about 30 feet away from it and it would back off leaving a buffer zone .I've been a ufo enthusist for over 30 years growing up around that area and this was more then i could of ever dreamed of happening for some reason there was no fear of ufo but i could here wild hogs going crazy in the woods to the north of me so i decided to go get my car and my wife. when i made it back to rv my wife was already in bed and would not get up , this was odd to me at the time because she loved sky watching too but i was excited and jumped in car and drove back towards glowing light . it was the same with the car there was a buffer zone i could only get so close so i was determined to sit there and watch it till it left , i apperantlly sat there for over 4 to 5 hours watching it , i kind of lost track off time and might have fell asleep for a little bit. but about an hour before daybreak it started to what looked like viberating and changing shape i knew something was getting ready to happen and i wanted to share it with my wife so i drove back to rv to wake her up , i got her to get up and walk out rv and look at object but she turned around and said she was going back to bed wich is really off because that's just not like her and she says she don't remember any of it. but i was not going to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity so i went back to object by this time it was getting light so i just walked back down. when i got back to object it had centered it self in an opening in the valley , and it had turned bright blue the light was so bright it looked like points of light we're coming off both sides but as l watched it the point on the right moved downwards towards the other point when it did this a black cloud formed around it the point that moved to the bottom now moved back in same direction but pointed straight up and the other point move down the craft then made a loud wizzing sound and sucked up the black smoke and lifted it did this about 20 feet away from me i'm not a religious man but one of the first things that popped into my head was it looked like an angel with wings being the point of light . it only lifted about 20 feet and repeated the same process as before to create the cloud , it repeated this process about 15 times till it just rose up high enough and disappeared . but when it disappeared something thats going to sound crazy happened , what looked like big translucent rain drops and fiberes little strings rained down to the ground right under where the craft was hovering it was a really weird experience , before the drops and strings hit the ground they curved and came right at me the drops were absorbing into my skin but when i tried to wipe them off my arms with my hands there was nothing there the situation was confusing and the little strands would only get a couple of feet away and stay there till it disappeared and if i focused on one of the drops as it came at me it would be the same distance even when i turned around like direction didn't apply to it , hard to explain . but anyway i couldn't asked for a more awesome encounter it's weird but i felt like we made a connection and it showed me something special . all i had on was my flip flops and swimsuit from night before , i didn't have a cell phone because you get no service out in the sticks , and a part of me thinks that if i did have a camera or my wife it wouldn't have went down the way it did . i only told my close loved ones because i still after a year don't believe i got to witness what i did and it was kind of a personal experience anyway so i don't care if anyone believes me or not , thanks for listening

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Credit: MUFON

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