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Saturday, July 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Beaverton, Oregon on 2018-07-21 12:44:00 - Silver, very reflective shape (really shiny) rose high up into the atmosphere, moving vaguely west or nw

Driving nw on nw barnes rd approaching nw 118th st saw a silver or highly reflective object rise into the sky from a nw direction. i couldn't see it leave the ground, but saw it as it passed the treetops. i pulled my car over to watch it and it rose into the atmosphere for a long time - about 10 minutes. i was able to keep track of it because of how reflective it was. it flashed light off its surface a lot in uneven glints. at first i thought it was a weather balloon, because i thought those were silver, but all pictures of weather balloons i can find are white. this was definitely a silver warbly object. when it was nearer to the ground i could clearly see the silver color of the object, but as it rose i was able to track the shining of it waaaaay up into the atmosphere. it moved vaguely west once it got very high up. it seemed to move move straight up until about 7-8 minutes in at like 12:50-ish when it was just a glint in the sky i could sometimes see. it was near to where the sun was in the sky so i had to cover the sun with my hand. i checked a windmap and the wind was/is blowing in from the nw to the se, so that would be almost opposite to the direction this object moved. the clouds were also going that direction (small non-solid fluffy ones. the sky was mostly clear blue). the surface of the object seemed billowy, which was another reason i thought it could possibly have been a weather balloon. however, because it also went in the wrong direction, and the pictures of weather balloons on google are all white i figured i'd report it as a ufo.

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Credit: MUFON

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