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Monday, July 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Henderson, Nevada on 2018-07-14 22:45:00 - Hoovering red object, during huge storm - unaffected by weather

A large storm came through the south east side of las vegas on july 14th 2018 at night time. my friend and i were outside on my patio smoking a cigarette around 9:45pm. her and i were observing the strange lightning off in the distance. my friend, kept saying, "thats some crazy war of the worlds type stuff." during almost the same time we both observed several obscure flying things in the sky. one of which, was close enough for me to catch film of, quickly. which i will include in the videos of this report. it had red white and green lights. .. there were a total of 3 in the sky at the same time in different areas flying in different directions..... the one i recorded flew right over my building. my friend and i stayed on my patio for quite some time watching the storm and all the activity in the sky. she left to go home around 10:30 pm. i then went right back to my patio after walking her out, to continue to observe the incredibly slow moving storm. it continued to have lighting in the same area and seemingly nowhere else. *the lightning appeared to be flashes, not your typical bolts, which is what her and i had though was odd after 15 minutes, or so, of it. upon returning to my patio there was nothing notable happening in the sky. so i googled something about ufo sightings in vegas or current vegas sky activities... something like that.... and stumbled upon an 8news now article talling about the 'russian rocket launch' and a satellite in the sky.... i checked to see when it wad written, no date, so i was scrolling up and down looking for a comment section to gripe about the lack of time or date to no avail. so i gave up and looked back up from my phone.... and my eyes immediately focus on a large red disc hoovering still as can be, in the distance, over the condo infront of my view. i was immediately startled. looking to see if it were moving, and then trying to make out better details of it. it seemed to have 3 or 4 red lights in a row across the body. as i watched it, i wasnt able to make the appearce out as much anymore. i feel like it got blurrier to my eyes. i turned on my phones camera to record it as quickly as i could. and i got about 10 minutes of footage. during which time my neighbors where bringing in grocries, i turned one of their attention to this object. he then a few minutes after seeing it for himself. ran inside and got his girlfriend and their daughter . so 3 other people watched this with me. the object while in the sky hoovered. fell a noticble amount, caught itself, rose straight up very slowly and then fell again, slowly, paused, then continued to dissapear behind the building infront of me. over a 10 minute span important things to note: 1. there was a very very very big storm coming in.... the weather did not affect this objects stability at all. no swaying or side to side motion. 2. 2 planes are in the footage seen leaving during this time. whcih is good for size comparison and other observations. 3. not a single plane is seen coming in on the flight path during the entire duration of this object being airborne. within a minute or two of this object falling from sight. flights began coming in quickly, one after the other only a minute or two apapart. ... odd. lastly i had a feeling for a minute after watching this thing fall that it may be someone with a drone at the time... however, my instincts tell me its not due to the size of this thing. the amount of strange things ive been seeing in the sky lately and last most importantly... i saw it again just a few hours ago in a completely seperate part of the sky, much farther away....At 3:45 am, while i was on my way to my car, to pick a friend up from work. i have footage of that one as well. and will post that footage as well. *first upload is what i saw on the 14th for 10 minutes *second upload is quick glimpse of red white and green object, just prior to the main sighting *third upload is the sighting of the main object for the second time on the 16th of july at 3:45am. in a different part of the sky

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Credit: MUFON

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