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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England on 2018-07-07 18:44:00 - Witnessed and filmed a cigar, cylidrincal type craft from my back garden

On the evening of saturday july 7th, my friend knowing my massive interest in this subject, sent me a text saying that he and his father currently had eyes on something very strange high above my house. after locating it which was actually to the sse from where i live, i was amazed at what i was looking at. this object was very big given the altitude and distance it appeared to be and was cigar shaped and with a light that seemed to move along its lateral axis. i got my phone camera on it and watched it for a good 5 minutes, flashing lights and rotating on its own central axis which had the appearance of it changing its shape. i quickly ascertained that this was no balloon as it remained pretty much stationary while the clouds were moving to the south. to my absolute disappointment, i discovered that my mobile phone had not been recording! i then ran in and grabbed my proper camera with 48x zoom. after filming for a few minutes i thought i may have time to get my tripod. at that point, the craft accelerated upwards until it was out of sight and very unfortunately not on film. the best bits i never got to record. i’m so sorry about that. at my house there are 4 witnesses. at my friends there are 2 witnesses. there are at least 3 other observations from banbury who have commented on it. the wind was 10mph blowing north - south. i have tried to access the historical metars to ascertain the height of the thin cumulus which i assume to be at or around 7,000ft so i can provide an accurate altitude but this seems mega hard to get hold of. i am a private pilot licensed through both the caa and faa, i love aviation and i’m very good at recognition from distance, i love the sky and am very aware of all that can trick you, i know about military uav’s, ucav’s, drones etc etc and i always make an educated and informed decision on what i’m looking at. this is no balloon of any shape or form unless it defies the laws of physics. please note that this was all happening in the controlled airspace of the daventry cta and that during this 10-15 minute period not one damned airliner came through until the craft had gone. at that point they resumed as normal. that suggests to me that it was being tracked or that it was that this was in the airspace. since this event i have had the bbc trying to get me on the tv for a report into this which i refused. bbc radio then tried to get me on for a morning report which i refused. the lady who contacted me seemed unconcerned about the report and more interested in making fun of me. i didn't want to put myself in the position of being ridiculed which it seemed obvious that was what they were trying to set me up for.

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Credit: MUFON

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