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Sunday, July 22, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Rochester Hills, Michigan on 2018-07-19 23:00:00 - Yellow-white star-like object in sky started moving across sky; had structure.

After studying these objects for the last 3 years, first seen in march 2015, i am finally getting good pics. since the 4th of july fireworks season, there have been 6-10 objects visible each night in my area. i had been out, already recording several objects on this clear night with moon setting early, on the opposite side of sky from my area. i was looking to the s, gazing at saturn, when i noticed a bright star near saturn, which i had not noticed on previous nights. so i walked over to my tripod and started recording. as soon as i did, this white/yellow object, sitting about 5 deg nw of saturn, suddenly started to move. it had been hovering at least 30 sec after i noticed it. initial az 167 deg, elv 40 deg; object slowly started to move north. it moved through aquila (vega large white object in video), and through the east wing of cygnus (elv 80 deg). brightness about +2 magnitude. notice in video at 23:02 the moving object passes yet another hovering object. the object's apparent size a little larger than a star. photo shows varying surface colors; like the other object i observed, it appears to have its own light source, is tumbling and rotating through the sky, is only about altitude 2-5 miles (supported by detail obtained with low power equipment- leo satellites at least 50 miles up), has no solar panels, has apparent metal structure; stops, ascends, descends, hovers. took five minutes to disappear being too far in the distance in the ne. again, at the end of the video i turned the infrared on/off so as to see the trees (white) for size comparison. not a commercial satellite. continued to see several others on this night, not videoed, but flashing light at them. some respond by stopping, turning around, and even hovering nearby for extended time. magnitude appears proportionate to velocity.

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Credit: MUFON

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