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Saturday, July 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hood River, Oregon on 2018-07-18 14:06:00 - Ufo sighting was simple but out of the ordinary

My mom and i were in the car on our way to the store. i was in the passenger seat. my mom then pointed out two white lines in the sky. they were far off and too big to be an airplane. the lines were definitely not airplanes because there was no tail or wings. on a regular airplane you can make out the shape of it, but these were just straight white cigar shaped lines in the sky. they appeared to be headed eastward in a straight path before the stopped and started hovering. one of the cigar lines appeared to be flying below the higher up cigar line a distance back from it. then after the higher up white line stopped the lower white line caught up underneath the higher up white line the assended upwards to merge with the higher up white line. at the time in my confusion, and while i was trying to figure out what the cigar like objects were, i did not think to record. after the two objects merged they moved northward disappearing into a thunder cloud, in which an airplane would not do. also i noticed the the two objects were flying in close vicinity of each other, and i know commercial airliners do not do that. i guess i would describe the way that the objects were flying, as if they were formation flying. i witnessed this event in hoodriver oregon, and the objects seemed to be flying over the washington side of the water from were i was at the time. i did not feel like the objects were posing a threat in anyway. people in movies tend to make ufo’s seem like these dangerous beings that come to earth to solely kill humans. but these objects only appeared to be investigating the earth below. i was not frightened by these objects, but instead i was left with many questions. what were they here for? did anyone else see them? and what was the sole purpose of them coming to earth? when my mom, and i came home we told my dad, and brother about the bizarre event. they did not believe us though. and because we don’t have any pictures or videos this event will be nodded off as another illusion, human imagination, or for entertainment. and though i do except that not everything on the internet is real, i know what i saw, and ufo’s are real. the ufo’s that i saw were real.

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Credit: MUFON

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