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Thursday, July 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Topock, Arizona on 2018-02-08 00:00:00 - It seemed very large, very dark slow moving object with two front lights

arizona, mohave desert 9:00 pm, february 8, 2018 we are camping in the mohave desert south of oatman arizona, no one camping near us. my wife noticed a hovering light to the north of us. it moved south towards us and hovered again. we could make it out to be a helicopter as it moved closer, however it seem very quiet for a helicopter, no rotor sound. we thought it was strange to be flying in the dark of night over empty desert, it disappeared to the east. very shortly after another helicopter showed up, it had a strange shape for a chopper, we could see it had kind of a rectanglular bottom with stripes. the under side was very well lit up, so much that we couldn’t see anything pasted the underside. there was no rotor sound, however there was a low jet turbine sound and it moved slowly over us. it was slow enough to give us plenty time to observe it. right after that was very strange to us! lots of quiet helicopters spread out all over the sky probably some miles away from us and all lit up at different elevations, i guess they could have been drones accept i didn’t know they could fly so high. then something that seemed very large in the sky came towards us at a low elevation from the east very slowly. there was two lights very far apart, no other lights, kind of like head lights on a car. they moved together so it seemed to be one very large flying machine. other than the two lights being far apart guessing the size was very difficult due to how black it must be. it seem to block out a lot of the sky but i couldn’t tell where the sky and flying machine met. it turned after getting near us and went north disappearing slowly. i could see the two lights turn away from us as a car would. it did make sound, a jet engine sound but very faint, which made me think how does something that big stay airborne moving so slow. at a distance to the south we thought there could be another really large slow flying object but too far to be sure. this all happened in about a half hour span. the helicopters/drones seem to be hovering all over the sky for about an hour after the big event.

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Credit: MUFON

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