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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Margate, England on 2017-08-12 17:52:00 - Bright white star appeared above me in clear sky during day. disappeared would then appear in various other locations.

I saw an extremely bright white star sized light in the sky during the daytime that was almost directly above me. it stayed bright for 15-20 seconds and did not appear to move before fading. it instantly got my attention as it appeared very high up and i had no explanation to what i had saw. i continued looking around at the clear blue sky when it appeared again, this time it was in a completely different location and lit up brighter than any star - it was a very white light like magnesium burning. again it didn’t appear to move when it was glowing this intense light but just stationary to the naked eye. again the light disappeared. i remained watching the same area. a minute or so later it appeared again but it had moved a significant distance. it appeared still high in the sky and glowed again in the same spot. i still couldn’t see it move but pulled my i phone out and zoomed in on video to the area in the sky i saw it around last. it appeared again by the flats in the video, although it was near the flats it was still high in the sky in my opinion. it was very bright out and i tried to focus on it the best i could on the video on my phone during the strong light from the sun. i filmed for just over a minute. the video i checked out when i got home and still don’t know what to really make of it. it’s a bit wobbly but what appears to be some kind of orb appears twice in the video. the first time it appears if you zoom in you can see it suddenly accelated a distance at the same time the glow intensified. i didn’t see this when observing at the time. the second time it fades in and out. i don’t really understand what would emit such a bright glow and how it seems to completely dissapear. i’ve attached the full video and the object when it appears twice at different zooms.

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Credit: MUFON

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