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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Birkenhead , England on 2017-11-03 00:00:00 - Never seen anything like it. i was shocked with fear and couldn't believe what i was looking at. i couldn't move i was so shocke

So this happened last winter sometime in november. i had a friend around and we ordered a take out and was about to start a movie. i realised i forgot to add coca cola to the order so told my friend i was going to run to the shop litrally maybe a 5 minute walk from my house to get some, he said he would wait in incase the food arrived. any way i left the house walking to the shop i live on a relatively quiet road and as i'm walking down it's super quiet and decide to look up, i really don't know why but i did and i remember thinking what a beautiful clear night it is you could see all the stars, than i noticed something in the distance, the only way to explain it as strange as it sounds is the only way i noticed it was because it was darker than the night sky if that makes sense, so i stop walking to stare at it a minute, i realise at this point that it's coming towards me eventually it's near me and this thing is huge! i mean like football stadium big and it's pretty low like lower than a plane just kind of gliding across, and it made absolutely no noise, i was so shocked i couldn't believe what i was looking at i was like paralysed with shock and fear anyway it flies right over me and carries on its path. and it's still visable in the distance. so i run as fast as i can back to my house to grab my friend. i shout him at the door to come quick, so he comes laughing thinking i'm crazy and as we look out it was no longer their. i told a few people i trust and they just laughed it off thinking i'm crazy or was tired or something. but i know i wasn't imagining it, i stared at this thing for a good two minutes. so i kinda stopped telling people because i didn't want to sound nuts. and it's something that i think about still quite often, i mean if someone told me this before i seen that i would think their nuts too so i can't really blame them for thinking this. but i know what i seen, i really don't know what it could be, but how can something so big that was just a perfect triangle with no wings fly? and silently? maybe it's some kind of royal airforce secret plane or something i don't know. we'll i've kept this to my self until i stumbled upon this website link on a old news article i was reading online.

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Credit: MUFON

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