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Thursday, July 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kentwood, Michigan on 2018-07-13 00:00:00 - While sitting on my back porch, talking with family member, i heard a jet fighter like sound trailing an airliner. looked up to the sound and saw object stationary in airliners wake. it zoom to nw out of sight without reorientating.

I was sitting on the deck in the backyard. it’s common to see and hear airplanes fling overhead because we live in an international airport approach area. while chit chatting, i had felt strange about a large airliner that was coming in from a distance behind me. as it flew overhead, like normal, i continued my conversation but my attention was piqued for some reason. after about 20 seconds, the jetliners noise began to fade, as they normally do, but a new sound seemed to be in its trail. it caught my attention and when i looked up, to see if a small jet fighter was flying overhead, the sound stopped. i kind of looked around, wondering if it was turbulence or the airliners wake noise, and after a few seconds, just a little more than straight up (i had to tilt backward in my chair to see it) there was a white object with a black band painted around the middle. it was a pretty clear evening, and the sight grabbed my attention immediately. the object was about half the wingspan of a large airliner in width. i say width because the object had been positioned as if it were traveling that way. it was white, the ends seemed to round off equally and smoothly, like a cigar shape. it was smooth, and i do not think that it was transparent. the shape was well defined, and there looked to be a black band painted around the center of the object. the band was about as wide as 1/4 the width, and looked to be completely around the body. i watched the object for about 20 seconds before it began to move toward the nw, without adjusting its orientation. i heard a very faint jet fighter sound again, and the object began to move very quickly to the nw. after a few seconds, i watched as it made a swishing sound in the air, like the one that drew my attention at first, and it just zoomed away at an indescribable speed. i asked my partner, who was with me if they had seen or heard it, and they said no. i couldn’t understand how they could not have seen it. i wasn’t too agitated about what i had seen. surprisingly. my partner suggested that it could have been debri or material falling from the airliner. i can see that as an explanation, but only if i had not seen and heard what i did when i looked up. the object moved intelligently, and purposefully. i have no doubt that it was a controlled vessel.

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Credit: MUFON

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