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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 1965-07-31 00:00:00 - My brother, cousin, friend and i were in the den when a penitrating white light appeared over our house

It was a little before midnight in aug. 1965. my younger brother, cousin, best friend and i were in the den of our home talking and having fun. all of the sudden there was this incredibly strong penetrating white light shining down on the house. i heard a humming noise. we pinned the curtains to try and keep the light out. we started to here noises outside the den door and window. all 4 of us jumped into the full size bed together and covered our heads with a blanket. we heard them coming in and then we did not know anything else till the next morning. the next morning we woke up laying in the bed side by side. we noticed some of our clothing was not on correctly. i tried to talk to them but, they acted like they could not remember the event. i have suffered female problems all my life including cervical cancer at 18 yrs. old. a circular object has been discovered inside my left femur bone attached to the inside of the bone. doctors and radiologist can not identify it. i can’t get a dr. to remove it for me either. my mother, dad and four other siblings were sleeping upstairs that night. mother says she saw the light and heard the hum as it moved away from the house. my middle sister came forward last year. she says it was so large she could not see the edges of it while it was over the house. i have seen ufo’s throughout my life. i have not kept good records of the sightings. dates etc. i remember what i have seen but, not dates which is so important to my credibility. in 1965 there was no one for me to talk to about this event. i was aware of ufo’s hiding in clouds from about the age of 11. i have other sightings i can report. i found a report last year of a ufo in aug. 1965 by a lady at a washiteria about a mile from my house around midnight. she reported standing outside her car with other people watching the ufo. they called it into the dallas police dept. so i know tge ufo was documented by other people and the police. one sighting i had a couple of years ago at my home in ellis county tx. was a small ufo with two headlights on it. it was down the street just above the utility poles. i reached down and when i looked back up it has disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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