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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Beaumont, California on 2018-07-09 00:00:00 - One glowing orb that then exploded the loght off itself and then the metal dim orb was left. and one huge think back in the distance looking like the millennium falcon. the orb waa bigger than a house or and the ship must have been a small sky scrapper .

We were driving home. around 10pm me and my gf were driving up cherry ave and saw a bight blue ball. but huge. thunderstorms were in the area and we thought okay maybe ball lightning. its really rare but...But what happened was weird. it was the size of a house or two or three. the glowing orb. it was all white with bkue glowing edges and glowed so bright when i looked asay i still had tracers of it like how u look at a sun. but it radiated the lught out and i could still see the circle. the whole smy lit up and i looked away bc i could still see the tracers but sure enough ir looked like rhe same sape as the glowing orb but now a grey metal color fading i to the misty clouds. then lighting lit up the background in the hills miles away and what looked like a weird shaped cloud . it was metalic and black. looked like the melanin falcon and had weird shapes alll over. my gf didnt see that just the orb and a few orbs after doung the same thing. we parked after the panic wore off and tried to watch for them. its so weird bc we have rumors and even proof of lockhead facilities out here. all surrounding beaumont chery valley one closed down in cherry valley you can off road and see the old site and one through lambs cayon in the mountain. they test rockets for nasa in those hills and off limits roads and facilities. we always see flashes of lights for years that lught uo the whole sky like it turned to day but only towards lockheads mountain facilities. we think what causes the sky to light up all the time ina freak weird way is this orbs we say two nights ago.

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Credit: MUFON

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