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Sunday, July 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in New Braunfels, Texas on 2018-07-15 04:55:00 - Many videos. star-like object hovers. randomly pulsates occasionally changing colors (looks yellowish). it's jerky movements aren't bad camera work.

My partner and i have been on a camping trip for the past three days at a popular new braunfels campsite. 4:55a.M. early that sunday morning on july 15, 2018, we'd been spending the whole night sitting outside and talking. it was cloudless and i had just watched a shooting star go by. that kind of luck had my partner excitedly searching the sky while i made a wish. while she was watching the sky, she witnessed a bright star-like object suddenly begin hovering over the area. it could be seen passed the tree line and was easily out-shining all other stars. it had slightly jerky movements, it flickered abnormally, and was slowly hovering to east. i grabbed my phone to record it and saw that not even the brightest stars could be seen by the camera. the object's glow is the only visible light in the footage. upon zooming-in, colors were occasionally flickering green, blue, red, and orange. i held the camera completely steady, to capture the ufo's rapid jerking and drifting motions. we brought out a 3rd person who had this star-gazing app that identifies stars. the app was easily identifying each star and constellation, until faced towards the ufo in which appeared a small unidentified dot oddly traveling in random directions. after watching the ufo hover for about 90 minutes the sun started to rise and the stars started dim but the ufos position and light remained. before the sky got lighter it disappeared then reappeared seemingly being covered by fake passing clouds. in just 15 minutes, the sky became a patchy, low blanket of moving clouds. just before the ufo completely vanished, i noticed a weird cloud formation above the low moving clouds. it looked like a long flat pair of rectangular clouds parallel to eachother (like ski tracks) just before the blanket covered the sky and the ufo disappeared for good.

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Credit: MUFON

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