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Sunday, July 22, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Rochester Hills, Michigan on 2018-07-08 23:17:00 - White star-like low flying object flew over my roof, flashed light at me, then took off.

After studying these objects for the last 3 years, first seen in march 2015, i am finally getting good pics. since the 4th of july fireworks season, there have been 6-10 objects visible each night in my area. on this night i saw 5 different objects. this was the last one i saw before going in, it was moving lower in the sky than any object i have ever seen. using the many planes that fly by my house to look up altitudes, i estimate this object was only about 10,000 feet up. it was bright white, at least +2 mag if not a little brighter. i was looking to the s/sw, when i noticed it moving pretty quickly, faster than a plane. initial az 247 deg, elv 85 deg; it continued to move north toward me. it follow the line along the top of the roof of my building. when it got to me, suddenly there was a bright flash, like an old-fashioned camera flash (about 23:18:14 in the part 2 video). it seemed like it hovered briefly, then it made a sharp 60 degree turn to the nw, dimmed from bright white to 4th mag reddish color. it moved from sight below roof to the nw, final az 322 deg, elv 80 deg. the object's apparent size a little larger than a star. photo shows varying surface colors; it is like a square box with a larger "lid" on it. from the top, and dropping from the bottom, is a rod extending each direction, with a sphere attached to the end of each rod. like the other objects i observed, it appears to have its own light source (brighter circle on left side of box is where the flash came from), is tumbling and rotating through the sky, is of low altitude about 2 miles (supported by detail obtained with low power equipment- leo satellites at least 50 miles up), has no solar panels, has apparent structure; stops, ascends, descends, hovers. not a commercial satellite for all the reasons cited above, especially the low altitude. for example, the satellite helios 1a follows a similar path at the same time as this object, but it had an altitude of 640 km, so high up it is not even visible by the naked eye in my skies (and it looks nothing like the object i recorded). this object reflected the rule that magnitude appears proportionate to velocity. low altitude estimate also supported by use of low power 7x31 binoculars with video camera used to capture the detail; photos is only slightly enlarged to show features more clearly.

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Credit: MUFON

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