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Monday, July 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mormon Lake, Arizona on 1986-07-10 19:15:00 - Floating orbs all around abducted

1. out camping. 2. odd lights to the south, flying low over horizon. 3. thought they were helicopter lights but no known flight path out that way, military? 4. all of a sudden they were all around me, small basket ball sized floating orbs. from seeing them in the distance, say at least 10 miles away, to having them all around me was a second or 2 at the most. they floated around me, i yelled, "ok m.F's", as i readyed myself for a fight, "lets get it on". the next thing i remembered, at that time, was waking up the next morning. we we fully clothed, laying on our sleeping bags,(which were in the tent the night before). we were to be out camping for another week at least. instead, we woke up, didn't speak to each other, packed up camp and went home. very very strange. 5.Later i went to a college and took a writing course. the instructor had us do some free writing and this all came out. i am remembering things even now. i spoke with them on a ship of some sort. it was transparent inside, meaning you could see out in all directions. the sides and top, bottom etc. like riding in a glass elevator. feeling no movement. they were friendly and answered my questions. they read my mind i guess. i asked about a higher power in the {no human word applicable) cosmos, for lack of a better word. they said yes but they didn't know what it was. that interaction with them, the little guys,just came back to me a few months ago. i feel the need to share this but as you may imagine, this is a bit out of my league. maybe you could get back with me? there is a lot more but the main point is yes there is a higher power. thanks., brian

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Credit: MUFON

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