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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pewee Valley, Kentucky on 2018-07-08 21:00:00 - First noticed dark ballon shaped object in distant tree line followed by the appearance of 3 rotating cubes.

I was walking my dog one evening around 9:00 p.M. there is still light left as sunset is at 9:07. i noticed in a distant tree line, that i was walking towards, what appeared to something similar to a dark helium ballon floating up the tree line. i immediately sensed an overwhelming building up of power or energy. it was extremely unsettling. i cannot put into words the sensation i felt. it was absolutely an unimaginable sense of power and the ballon shape continued to float up. i was instantly in a different state of mind but still aware of my surroundings - no reaction from the dog. i continued to walk for maybe 10 seconds as this uneasiness is still occurring and as i approach a neighbor's driveway to my right, two lawn irrigation sprinkler pop out of the ground and begin to spray water into the yard. i continue to walk for about 5 more seconds and the sprinklers stop. at this point they are behind me so for some reason i turn to verify and in fact they have stopped. as soon as i turn back around to my forward progress i notice 3 rotating cubes appear above a tree line to the right. i am walking on the left side of the road. the tree line is about 10 feet form the edge of the right side of the road. they forward placed, not directly above me. they are rotating clockwise on a vertical axis, no sound, no lights. they are positioned in a row and traveling to my left and away from me. if you had to ship a car in a box with all equal sides, that's about the size they are. i distinctly notice an aperture on the last one as they are moving away from me. it reminded me of a camera lens of an iphone. it is only on one side placed in the middle near the top. the objects continue to move away from me to my left never changing velocity or rotation speed and i lose sight of them over the same tree line where i had initially observed the ballon shaped object. once out of sight the uneasy energy level has gone away. i was home shortly after and i think in a state of shock to some degree. i immediately began searching online to see if there were any reports but i could't find anything. i did not sleep that night and it wasn't until 6:00 p.M. the next day that i had settled down.

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Credit: MUFON

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