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Thursday, July 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Westlake, Ohio on 2018-07-04 21:50:00 - Pulsing redish light in the sky, identical to the one i saw in 2012, pulsed and then got smaller and smaller before just disappearing. airplanes never do that.

I was with my mom at clauge park in westlake ohio for their fireworks show. there was a sole firework that went off before the main event that made mom look up towards the sky. then mom pointed out this strange pulsing red light in the sky, maybe around 9:45 pm. they shoot off the fireworks starting around 10 pm. when i first saw it i told mom, ''whatever it is, it wants us to see it''. then i remembered this was an identical light that we saw fly over the house in the summer of 2012. a few minutes after that incident, a black helicopter flew the same flight path as the pulsing light did. during this most recent event the light was pulsing red and then dimming to a pinkish color. then it seemed to stop and either go straight up and disappear or it just got smaller and smaller until it disappeared. then i looked at mom and just told her, ''airplanes never shut off their lights in flight. never.''she saw the 2012 incident with me also, but says that she wasn't sure what she saw because she didn't have on her glasses. when that thing passed over our house in 2012, i couldn't believe how bright the light was but i couldn't see a shape of any kind. and it was totally silent. i saw a disc shaped ufo once, but i looked away out of surprise, then these words just popped into my head. '' why so surprised? you've always known they were there.''

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Credit: MUFON

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