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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba on 2016-11-30 00:00:00 - A grey entity was standing in our bedroom beside our bed

My husband went to bed slightly before me, he was on the far side of the bed facing towards my side and the door. i came to bed slightly after him. i lay down and closed my eyes. i reopened my eyes as i had an uneasy feeling and saw a grey entity standing beside my husband. i immediately closed my eyes tight as i was so scared. i re-opened my eyes to ensure that i had saw what i had saw. it was still standing beside my husband looking at us. i was not dreaming as i had just lay down. i kept my eyes closed and went to sleep shortly after. both of us slept thru the night which is totally unusual for both of us and we woke up feeling very refreshed. shortly after this encounter my husband's hair began falling out in patches all over his head and his hair went very grey with a broad grey streak down the top center of his head.I also lost a significant amount of hair from my head but mostly top center of my head. i did not get patches like my husband. the bald patches on my husbands head did not grow in for several months and then started to grow in. after the encounter my husband was almost totally grey haired. i have pictures of him after. slowly his patches began growing back in but the new hair was totally dark brown with little or no grey. his remaining hair started growing out dark brown. at this time his hair is almost pure dark brown as it was before the encounter but his beard remains white. we discussed the encounter with each other and feel that we were likely affected by radiation from the entity and we may have been abducted and returned. my husband george worked with steve michalak and observed the burns that he had received at falcon lake. he knew steve to be a totally honest and upstanding man. he totally believes that steve saw what he claimed to have seen and that he was badly injured by radiation burns from the ufo. we live approx. 125 km from where steve was burnt at falcon lake. my husband's time with steve totally convinced him ufos are coming to earth.

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Credit: MUFON

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