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Friday, July 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Springville, California on 2018-07-12 00:00:00 - At around 10am i heard a very unusual amount of fighter jets, then when it went on for so long i went out to film. i filmed military jets chasing orbs and other unknown objects. then a blast or burst of light that seemed to come from a large object

I was at home in the mountains getting ready to go to work. heard a very unusually large amount of military jets going in circles over my cabin and no where else. then i saw that the jets were chasing something in circles. got my camera to film because it was so loud and scared me. it felt like we were at war! orbs and other objects darted in and out changing directions at unbelievable speeds. i made a video but had to slow the speed down to almost stop motion. some of the objects were orbs and some were tiny lack dots that changed direction and some went in a direct path. in the middle of my video shooting south over the roof top of the video, one traveled west lower in the vid just above the roof and moving right went through a cloud and then sprayed out a white spray very high in the clouds with amazing force. then another one shoots straight up to the right above the roof but is very hard to see in the video because it was going so fast. even at stop motion speed. at the end of the video there is what looks like a blurred large round object in a hole in the clouds. then it burst into black and back to white. my feelings were that i was in danger and really did not want to leave home. then on my way back home within a few hours i went through a rain storm where the drops were over 3 inches large! it was not hail but within seconds i was driving through about 5-6 inches of water! i could barely see. then when i got home to check my computer i received a threatening email. pertaining to my facebook messenger where i had uploaded stills of the jets to a friend. the email guy was demanding $2,900 and he had all my passwords. i was locked out of facebook and all of my browsers. i spent hours on the phone with my server and i am on private browsing now. also spent hours changing passwords. i did have a bad feeling just before i posted pics, don`t ask me why..Gut instinct i guess. my neighbors saw the jets circle for hours as well but they did not film like i did.

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Credit: MUFON

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