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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Lowellville, Ohio on 2013-08-31 00:00:00 - A large triangular silhouette with 3 lights on the bottom: red, green, and white.

I was in the rear right seat of a car with 3 other individuals. it was a cloudy evening in early autumn, so there was still some light visible through the even cloud cover. we were in downtown lowellville (ohio), heading north. i was the first one to notice the object, as i am an astronomer and aviation is one of my hobbies so i habitually look at the sky more than most people. when i first saw the object, it was high in the sky, just below the cloud cover (about 10,000 feet) to the west of the car, and all i could see were three lights that were close together: one red, one green, and one white. i noted that it was moving very quickly and appeared to be larger than most aircraft, but i assumed it was a plane and began to ignore it since it was difficult to look out the driver's side windows in my position. a few seconds later the driver was looking almost directly above the windshield, slightly to the west and exclaimed, "what is that?!" i leaned forward so that i could take a look and the object had descended and was now about 1000 feet above the car. this happened within seconds of me noticing the object. the object slowed its descent directly above a radio tower that was a few yards to the west of our car. we could now see the silhouette of the object against the clouds. it appeared to be a large, black, equilateral triangle with 3 small lights located a small distance from each of the angles. one red, one white, and one green (i cannot remember which light corresponds to which corner). the object has now slowed its descent but was still losing altitude. it made no sound and appeared to glide smoothly through the air. as the object continued to descend, it took on the shape of an isosceles triangle rather than an equilateral triangle as the leading angle in the front became smaller and extended. finally, the object gradually made a slight turn to the left so that it was now heading northeast rather than straight east, and had descended to the point that it was right above the treetops at the top of the shallow valley. at this point, the object covered approximately one-fifth of the sky and appeared to be several hundred feet long. the object slowly drifted to the northeast, behind the treetops. during the sighting, everyone in the car was dumbfounded and we could not comprehend what we were seeing. the front passenger recorded the end of the sighting on her flip phone, but has lost the phone that the sighting was recorded on. i would have recorded the sighting but my cell phone was out of battery at the time.

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Credit: MUFON

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